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Path Of Exile 3.6 Flashback Starter Builds - 7 Great Solid Poe Flashback Builds For Each Class

5/10/2019 11:58:45 AM

the path of exile synthesis flashback event is just around the corner, it will start on may 11 and end on june 4, 2019. how to start the poe synthesis flashback league and win more prizes and previous league mods? in this guide, goldkk.com will bring you 7 great and solid poe flashback starter builds for each class.



7 great path of exile 3.6 synthesis flashback event starter builds

you can continue to complete the current challenge as the flashback event will run simultaneously with the poe synthesis league, the difference is that there are so many league mods in the game, most players want to search for a poe 3.6 best flashback build that can go through as fast as possible with minimum gear requirements, and can obtain more flashback prizes. unique class may need special skills and spells, you need to figure out what kind of build you want to play and what determines the best class for you. here are the details of the 7 poe flashback builds, featuring the ranger, witch, marauder, duelist, templar, shadow, and scion characters.

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1. ranger - caustic arrow deadeye

ranger is a path of exile dexterity class, she is proficient in ranged weapons and can fast deliver vicious critical strikes, then beat the enemies in a very short time, if you don't want to spend too much to farm poe currency for the required gear or going to farm the early maps, you can consider this caustic arrow deadeye build, which stacks large amounts of movement speed and great chaos damage scaling.

2. witch - winter orb, vaal blade vortex elementalist

winter orb is the type of skill gem works a bit in path of exile, at early levels, it may feel a bit slow and sluggish but as it gains some levels and you've got some proper gear especially with increased duration, when you start it at that time, it can work great as a fast mapping equipment and boss killer. winter orb, vaal blade vortex elementalist is a great poe flashback starter build, it does not have any specific item requirements. you can only consider this build if you have a bit of experience with crafting or add a decent understanding of item fx and how they work in general as this will be necessary to understand the endgame gearing.

3. marauder - incinerate, cwc volatile dead chieftain

the next one build for the marauder is incinerate, cast while channeling volatile dead chieftain, the ascendancy classes is chieftain, incinerate can get more damage when cast continuously from one spot. lots of players like this new channeling spell that activates your cast while channeling support that then goes on to cast volatile dead and use this spell to win a demigod in the incursion flashback race, the progression of the build doesn't rely on specific unique guides and it has a very fun playstyle.

4. duelist - ancestral warchief totem champion

this path of exile ancestral warchief totem build is also beginner friendly and on a relative budget can do any constant in the game, it's playstyle not necessarily fits everyone, but when you playing hardcore, extra layer of indirect defense by having your totems taunt the enemies and thus leaving you alone if you don't find totems you can't really go wrong with and if you have some friends want to join you with a proper starter build to the poe synthesis flashback league, this would be a good option.

5. templar - frostbolt totem hierophant

since path of exile 3.6, the frostbolt skill has perceived a significant damage boost into build while not exactly a boss killer, it should still be more than capable of handling bosses, with proper gearing, levels, and setup, you are probably able to spawn either three or four totems, and as the long range of the frostbolt, this will allow you to cover a huge area in balls, if you want to establish your masculinity, this is great build that provides great clear speed potential as well. the forstbolt totem build is on our list of the best poe totem builds

6. shadow - essence drain contagion/bane trickster 

when path of exile 3.6 synthesis league released, essence drain has received a crazy buff, the endgame damage got a significant boost, at lower levels the scale feels significantly stronger and more enjoyable to level with essence drain, great clear speed and boss killing potential is possible when you pair that with the buff. this build has solid offensive and defensive capabilities that are easy to gear and that feels great to progress, it's also possible to use bane instead of contagion if that skill suits your play style, overall essence drain builds are in a very solid state for starting the poe flashback and if you haven't used it, it's a good chance to try it out now.

7. scion - sword & board scion 

if you want to try unique combinations that would not work with other classes, this build archetype has its own advantages that it can claim nodes from multiple ascendancy trees. this is a melee build that does not have massive amounts of clear speed, but it will make up for that in the main area, and with a lot of defensive layers from different poe unique items, it’s a very good choice for the player that wants a slower and safer style. besides, it' cheap to take a monster to end game mapping. click here to check out poe 3.6 flashback atlas strategy, event & mapping tips.

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