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Path Of Exile 3.6 Best Templar Totem Builds - Frostbolt, Elemental Hit, Holy Flame, Ice Spear, Arc Totem Build

5/16/2019 2:53:22 PM

welcome to our path of exile totem builds guide, this will include the recommended best poe 3.6 totem builds you should use for hierophant templar, covering holy flame, frostbolt, elemental hit, arc totem, ice spear/ freezing pulse totem build and more, which are the most popular ones and easiest to play.

path of exile 3.6 templar totem builds guide


path of exile best hierophant totem builds

summon your trusty totems and watch as they shred everything to pieces, now go to choose one of the best path of exile 3.6 totem builds. we have gathered some useful poe 3.6 hierophant builds from the official path of exile forums and famous youtubers, linked to them so you can further improve or get your favorite poe 3.6 totem builds this league.

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poe 3.6 holy flame chieftain totem build

pros & cons


+ hardcore viable

+ good boss killer

+ great life sustain via hinekora, death’s fury ascendancy node

+ budget-friendly


- slower clear speed than meta builds

click here to check the detailed guide for poe 3.6 holy flame chieftain totem build

holy flame totem in poe 3.6 league is reworked from the flame totem, rapidly fires projectiles. with 50% conversion to fire as physical-based, it is easier to scale into late game than before. although it can cost more than a 150 mana per cast on a 6-link, this problem can be solved by using the blood magic keystone notable.

this is a great starter build in budget, no need initial investment. mainly focus on well-rolled rare items, it allows you to play the build in an ssf environment. with the good amount of % increased life that is gotten on the passive skill tree, the build will gain a respectable life pool even with little gear. spell damage, physical damage, fire damage, projectile damage, channelling nodes and totem nodes scale the damage. other perks from the chieftain ascendancy class synergize very well with this totem skill in general.

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poe 3.6 elemental hit totem build

pros & cons


+ incredible clearing speed

+ great boss killer

+ excellent dmg application

+ amazing mobility

+ really easy to play

+ no 6-link required


- totem play-style

- evasion build

- bis items are expensive

click here to check the detailed guide for poe 3.6 elemental hit totem build.

elemental hit totems is one of the most popular and easiest to play builds out there in this brand new beginner guide! summon your trusty totems and watch as they shred everything to pieces in a blazing inferno of fiery arrows! if you like the idea of running around faster than a speeding bullet while monsters evaporate in a hailstorm of fiery arrows, then this build is perfect for you.

one of the fastest most efficient clearing builds out there: with huge speed and dps you will finish story mode in no time and afterwards blitz through maps all the way to uber elder. with few key pieces of gear, you’ll be able to kill thoughest bosses in the game in record time. and with the safer totem play-style you can do that without dying once. overall it strikes a great balance between a full down archer build and the more defensive approach of totems gameplay. it’s insane movement speed coupled with phasing makes it a great delving build allowing you to go very deep and reap greater rewards.


poe 3.6 arc totem build

pros & cons


+ cheap

+ easy to play

+ good currency farmer

+ safe playstyle

+ league starter

+ easy endgame

+ map mods aren't a problem

+ good single target damage


- passive playstyle

- vulnerable to projectiles

- 4 mandatory uniques, they're are very cheap though

click here to check the detailed guide for poe 3.6 arc totem build

- ring slots occupied by mandatory rings, cap your resistances might get tricky

arc totem build is a very beginner friendly build because it's very safe and easy to play, which is a great poe 3.6 hierophant based build focusing on totems of the skill arc. it doesn’t require any unique item to easily farm even red maps. with few investments, it's possible to kill all the guardians and the shaper.

if you are part of the totem master race, this build is totally for you, as it has great survivability because of high life and using mind over matter, and all your totems tank a lot of incoming damage. with the most powerful lightning skill currently - arc, you can chain multiple enemies between enemies and use a cast to clear the entire group of monsters. with this build in poe 3.6 league even flashback event, you can do it six times faster and better, thanks to the fact that six totems can be placed at the same time. in addition to the insane clear speed, arc totems also has one of the best single target damages in the game, making it the best choice for the endgame boss like shaper or elder.


poe 3.6 frostbolt totem build

pros & cons


+ beginner and new league "friendly"

+ great clear speed all the way up to tier 16 maps.

+ easy to level.

+ budget friendly.


- relatively weak single target damage

click here to check the detailed guide for poe 3.6 frostbolt totem build

the frostbolt totem build focuses on totems of the skill frostbolt for clear speed and ice spear for single target damage, is somewhat simple in design and easy to understand. the build works great with just rares, until you can afford the suggested unique items later.

hierophant provides a mixture of non-traditional sources of damage, defense and overall utility for spells and totem users. they can get extra totem limits, and totem enhancements and rewards increase with extra totems. this build has a very noticeable speed, up to the tier 16 map, and is easy to level. the most important thing is that budget and friendly, can be used with rares until you can afford the unique items in the future.


poe 3.6 ice spear totem build

pros & cons


+ freeze and shatter explosion

+ distance to enemies

+ large range of projectiles

+ minimal effect of curses

+ concentration on mechanics because the totems do the damage

+ enemies attack the totems and not you


- not the fastest build

- not everyone likes totem's playing style

- not the tankiest build

- ele-reflect is playable but a pain in the ass because totems die fast.

click here to check the detailed guide for poe 3.6 ice spear totem build

click here to check the detailed guide for poe 3.6 ice spear/ freezing pulse totem build

this ice spear totem build focus the ice spear skill, which became a very powerful clearing and boss killing tool after reworking in 3.5 and adding damage buff in 3.6 league. its fires 2 projectile (gmp + 4, jewel + 2, helmet + 1. can up to 9), with great crit chance and crit multi, making it is powerful to kill the strong mob, but not map farming. anyway it still has the potential to clear the whole endgame with its base damage and high critical chance. to compensate the disadvantage cause self cast ice spear have some delay when start to shot, you can use freezing pulse.

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