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Best ACNH Warp Pipe Tricks - How Use Warp Pipes In Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.8

2/27/2021 1:14:19 PM

With the Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.8 update, the exciting Mario warp pipe teleport feature was added into the game, which brings more convenience and interesting experience to players. How to use the warp pipe wisely and creatively? Here we give you the best tricks, which will help you use the best Warp Pipe tricks and Warp Pipe tips to design your island in an amazing fashion.

Best Tips To Using Warp Pipes In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Warp pipes were just introduced into New Horizons as the part of the Mario items update. Their function just like real war popes from Mario games - when you jump into them, they teleport you to another warp pipe, there have been lots of questions surrounding exactly how the warp pipes work, so here we will go over some effective ways to use them in Animal Crossing New Horizons, also show you some secret abilities of the war pipes that you may have not known. 

To enjoy the new teleport function on your island, you need to have some warp pipes and update your game to version 1.8.0. Check out how to Super Mario items in Animal Crossing New Horizons here.

1. Basis Tricks For Using Warp Pipes

1) Jump In To One Warp Pipe - You can jump into a pipe by standing next to it, and pressing A, if you have just one warp pipe placed anywhere on your island, you can still jump into it but you pop out of the same pipe over and over again.

2) Place Two Pipes - When you place at least two pipes on your island, jump into one pipe you will always pop out of the other. So you can basically teleport now by putting each pipe in different places on your island, such as from entrance to your secret beach instantly.

3) Place Three Pipes - Once you place 3 pipes on your island, when you warp into one pipe, it’s random which of the other two pipes you will pop out of, you never seem to pop out of the same pipe you jumped into. It looks like the destination pipe is always one of the other pipes determined by random number generator (RNG)

4) Place 4 More Pipes - Have 3 or more pipes placed is not very different from 3 pipes, you will always warp to one of the other 3 pipes. 

2. Using Warp Pipes To Warp Between Different Levels Of Cliffs

5) Warp pipes can also be used to warp between different levels of cliffs, when you place 1 pipe on the lower level and 1 on the upper level of cliffs, you will always warp between the two pipes, making this a great way to go between cliff levels. Especially, when you don’t have a ladder or a convenient ramp to use. 

Best ACNH Warp Pipe Tricks - 1

6) The pipe can be used to go up or down multiple levels of cliffs at once, making it the ultimate and fastest transportation tool in the game. So you can also place a pipe next to a cliff and jump into from the top, this is super fun to do and introduces a new way to jump between cliff levels. 

7) If you place just 1 pipe in front of a cliff and it’s the only pipe on your island, you will pop back out of the pipe and jump onto the cliff; if you have two pipes placed, you will sometimes pop out onto the second level from the pipe, but it seems to be random. 

3. Using Warp Pipes As Elevator In Your Houses

8) Warp pipes can even be placed inside your house. Place warp pipes on each floor in different rooms of your house, then you can easily warp between all pipes and jump between floors such as basement to attic, attic to first floor. Now it become the fastest way to get between the levels of your house and function almost like an elevator. If you want to use warp pipes in your house more efficiently, we recommend putting 1 pipe in your attic and one in your basement, that way you save yourself time going down two flights of stairs, but the possibilities of pipe placements are endless. 

4. Using Warp Pipes To Dodge Wasps' Chase

9) Along with teleportation, warp pipes have some other cool features as well, on your island you may have try to escape from angry wasps when you do your daily rounds of shaking trees, with warp pipes, you can easily bring a warp pipe with you and place it near the trees, when wasps fall from a tree simple run into the warp pipe. 

Best ACNH Warp Pipe Tricks - 2

5. Using Warp Pipes To Create More Interesting Areas

10) Another cool tricks you can do with the pipes is fall into the holes but it requires a little more explanations first: warp pipes require at least a one by one square next to it for you to be able to warp to it, since your villager jumps out of the warp pipe after teleporting and thus needs a one by one of free space to land. This means if you block the entire perimeter of a warp pipe, it will no longer function and you can not warp to it since your villager won’t be able to warp and jump out of it, only pipes that have a free spot next to them will be able to serve as a warp pipe destination. However, if you did holes around a warp pipe, the game doesn’t see this as a space taken and the pipe will still be usable when your villager teleports to a pipe and the only free space next to it is a hole, your villager will fall into the hole begging for dear life.

Best ACNH Warp Pipe Tricks - 3

11) The warp pipes elevate multiplayer mode to a new level, you even can host events on your island where you and your friends can play games.

6. Warp Pipes Teleport Disable In Villagers’ Houses

You can gift a warp pipe to your villagers, they will put out the warp pipe in their house, but when you go into the pipe in villager house, it will just spit you back out instead of warping you to another pipe on your island. So we can confirm that warp pipe miss the function of  teleportation in villager houses

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