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How To Upgrade Tool in Animal Crossing New Horizons | Tool Leveling

4/30/2021 5:15:47 PM

How to upgrade the tools of the Animal Crossing New Horizons? The primary tools in the game are often damaged after a few times of use, which is very inconvenient. The following is an introduction to the tool upgrade method of the Animal Crossing New Horizons to make the player's tool more durable.


ACNH Tool Unlocking Method

The so-called tool upgrade is not to transform the original tools, but to create a more durable weapon.

- Players first need to prepare a certain amount of money, which can quickly make money by catching insects, fishing and selling them.

-Then go to the Nook Shop to buy a DIY manual, which unlocks the production permissions of higher-level tools.

Tool Crafting Method

After unlocking the production permission, go to the DIY production station and open it and you will be able to see some of the upgraded tools.

They are an axe, a shovel, a fishing rod, an insect net, and a kettle. Prepare the corresponding materials and make them.

The required material is basically an additional piece of iron ore on the original basis. If the player has a small amount of iron ore, they can selectively make only the tools that are currently needed. Generally speaking, axes, fishing rods, and insect nets will be used. More used, you can give priority to production.

These are all the content of the tool upgrade method of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Players who know the method should go to make a new tool and get rid of the situation of frequent tool replacement.

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