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ACNH Happy Home Academy Guide - What's The Highest HHA Score In Animal Crossing New Horizons

5/7/2021 4:18:08 PM

How much goes into determining your HHA score? The answer is a lot. So much in fact that explaining everything would probably take forever. But we'll try to do our best to get the highest HHA score possible and give reasoning into how to decorate houses. Let's get started shall we? 

*the essentials

The first and most important part of getting the highest score is to have the biggest house. Naturally the lesson to pull from this is that you need a lot of money to reach your ultimate dreams. 6 million 196 000 bells to be exact and with that done, we now have a big empty mansion with which to please the HHA people with, so most of you probably know the big ways to get a high HHA score, one of those ways is to have a completed set of furniture inside of your room. What you may not know though is that there's also a type bonus. To get a type bonus, you need to have four essential pieces of furniture in your room. These being a chair, a table, a bed, and a dresser/wardrobe. So what we need to do is find a furniture set that we can complete that has all of these essential items. 

*feng shui

And with all of it put down we now have a good basis to start maximizing our score with, because sadly, it's not as easy as just completing furniture sets and making sure that you have certain types of furniture. Feng shui has been a feature in every animal crossing game and new horizons is no exception. The basic rules to feng shui is to have red furniture in the east, yellow furniture in the west, and green furniture in the south. It dates back to ancient times where someone believe that matching colors to cardinal directions in your room promotes harmony. We likely only need one piece of furniture for each respective color.


There are 14 different categories of furniture listed here, taking three items from any of these categories and putting them in your room will award you a category bonus of 777 points, times the amount of categories that you completed. A lucky item is worth 777 points by itself, there are 13 lucky items in the game, but we'll get to that later.

    Baby bear

    Baby panda

    Decoy duck


    Giant teddy bear

    Hula doll

    Lucky cat

    Lucky gold cat

    Mama bear

    Mama panda





    Papa bear

    Papa panda

    Paper tiger

    Raccoon figurine

    Throwback wrestling figure

*the basic interior design bonus

All this means is that you need to make sure that your rooms are well furnished, you get 1000 points for having at least six pieces of furniture in your room, another 1000 for 10 pieces, another 1000 for 15 pieces, and a final 1000 for 20 pieces, maxing out at 4000 points total put together. You also get 400 points for a wall mounted furniture item, which maxes out after three items granting another 1200 points. More furniture equals better and have three wall mounted items. If you do all that you'll get the maximum bonus of 5200 points.

*the situation bonus

Every piece of furniture has a situation associated with it. It mostly means what room or theme the item is associated with. 

*the season bonus

As the name would imply, decorating your house with furniture that is in season can reward you with bonuses. For example, you can use the mushroom furniture to score extra points in the fall season, more so than you would if it was in summer. All seasons have several pieces of furniture associated with them.

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