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Path Of Exile Items Farming Guide - Best Poe Leveling & Unique Items You Can Farm And Best Way To Farm

5/8/2019 5:29:12 PM

the gameplay of path of exile mainly around builds, when you leveling in the poe builds, useful and great poe items and uniques will help you level up faster and easier. some items can be used in various builds and cheap even free to get, but you need to figure out how to farm these items in path of exile 3.6. in this path of exile item farming guide, goldkk.com will introduce the poe best items to farm featuring currency, various unique items and how to farm them.


path of exile best items to farm & poe oni-goroshi, tabula rasa & chaos orbs farming guide/tips

if you focusing on trying out multiple builds and characters in path of exile, investing some leveling uniques is a good option. check out the following content for how to farm poe unique items, leveling items, currency items and more.

1. oni-goroshi

oni-goroshi is a unique charan's sword in path of exile, it's regarded as a one-handed weapon even though it does not allow another weapon equipped in the off-hand slot. equipped with oni-goroshi, the her embrace buff can be granted as long as you ignite the enemy, the her embrace has lots of effects like 20 increased attack speed. how to obtain or farm poe oni-goroshi?

- oni-goroshi is guaranteed to drop in a modified encounter from hillock, you need to defeat hillock and optionally remaining all monsters in the twilight strand. please note that do not enter the lioneye's watch but to reset the character (wait one and a half minute), then continue killing the bosses until you get the sword, this is available until your character is level 9.

- turning in a set of 27 rebirth divination cards.

2. tabula rasa

tabula rasa is a unique simple robe with 6 linked white sockets in path of exile 3.6 synthesis league, any color gems can be put into the sockets. tabula rasa is a popular and very useful item when leveling characters. it can be obtained easily and without any cost. you can carry tabula rasa into the 80s if necessary. the way to farm poe tabula rasa is as follows:

- the best way to farm tabula rasa is to collect 9 humility divination cards and trading them for it. you can find the cards by defeating enemies in the aqueduct, blood aqueduct, channel, and waterways.

- clearing build is beneficial to farming, you can clear enemies quickly and do more runs.

- use prophecy to farm tabula rasa. cleanser of sins is a prophecy will reward a tabula rasa when killed a rare undying evangelist, which would drop tabula rasa upon slaying.

3. chaos orbs

the third item is a currency item you can farm, poe chaos orbs, as a standard poe currency in the game, it can re-roll random stat modifiers for any piece of rare equipment. as you know, chaos orbs can be obtained through killing monsters, arcanist's strongboxes, destructible containers and more, then what's the best way to farm chaos orbs and what else farming methods to get it?

- just keep mapping and they'll eventually start to drop.

- use the chaos orb vendor recipe. for example, vendor a full set of rare gear that is at least item level 60-74, vendor all of those together at the same time. 

- through trade, sell poe items.

- you can get a bonus to item drops when using an unidentified map, a set of unidentified gear gives 2 chaos orbs instead of 1.

- instead of running maps, do delve runs around depth 83 or deeper, going horizontally left or right along with the delve map so you stay at as low of depth as possible, while still getting items dropping at item level 65 or higher, as needed for the chaos recipe.

4. more great items you can farm in path of exile

other than the oni-goroshi, tabula rasa and some poe currency items, there are also multiple types of poe items can be farmed, check out the recommended list of poe items to farm.

chest - skin of the loyal

helmet - goldrim (elemental resistances)

gloves - lochtonial caress (attack and defense stats)

boots - wanderlust (complete immunity to freeze), seven-league step

amulets - sidhebreath (summoner build), sacrificial heart (increase elemental damage), daresso's salute and carnage heart (slayer builds)

rings - perandus signet, le heup of all (great benefit), thief's torment


play the path of exile crafting simulator on goldkk.com, you can simulate to craft any types of path of exile items here to find out the best possible rolls. are you expecting the end of league event? check out our guide to get know all poe 3.6 flashback prizes you can get among the event!

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