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WoW Classic Beginners Guide - Top 5 World of Warcraft Classic Starter Tips and Tricks

9/4/2019 6:12:45 PM

World of Warcraft is an online role-playing game themed with challenges and adventures, WoW Classic as the new option of the WoW and just released for several days, have you started your journey? Here goldkk.com presents the WoW Classic beginners guide with some tips and tricks for players to get a better start.


WoW Classic Starter Tips - WoW Classic Beginners Classes, Servers, and More

1. Pick Your WoW Classic Servers/Realms 

It's critical to choose a good server for long-term gameplay enjoyment. You need to choose one of the three servers: PVP, PVE, and RP. The realms with less population can get you into the game faster. 

PVP: Player vs Player, you can only make a character from one faction on a PvP server. This WoW server is ideal for players who want real World of Warcraft experience. 

PVE: Player vs Environment, also called Normal server, you need a flag yourself if you want to fight with the opposite faction.

RP: Roleplaying server, come in both PVE and PVP versions, but players are encouraged to interact as characters here. 

2. Choose You First Class Carefully

Choose the class you are confident that you will have fun with. Know about the benefits and weakness of each WoW Classic class before you decide, for example, Mages are the traditional wizard type class, they have great CC, can conjure food, water, and portals. Priests are the ultimate healers, they are surprisingly efficient to leveling and can go shadow spec for DPS. Rogues are thief's character, they can go invisible ambush enemies, craft poisons and pick locks.

Here is the WoW Classic best classes recommended for different servers:


S Tier - Priest Shadow, Mage Frost, Rogue Subtlety

A Tier - Mage Fire, Priest Holy, Warlock Affliction

B Tier - Warlock Demonology, Paladin Holy, Hunter Marksmanship

C Tier - Shaman Enhancement, Mage Arcane, Warrior Fury.

D Tier - Druid Balance, Hunter Beast Mastery


S Tier - Priest Holy, Warrior Protection

A Tier - Warlock Affliction, Mage Fire, Paladin Holy

B Tier - Warlock Demonology, Hunter Survival, Paladin Protection

C Tier - Rogue Subtlety, Warrior Fury, Druid Feral Combat

D Tier - Paladin Retribution, Rogue Combat, Rogue Assassination 

3. Go through the Weapon Training

Whenever you do drop by talking to one of those guards and have them direct you to a weapon trainer, if you can afford it, don't miss the weapon training, that's available in each Capital, and they will teach you different weapon types, which would help you maintain your weapon proficiency based on your level in World of Warcraft Classic, includes melee and ranged weapons. Some training would be expensive, choose the ones you more required and worthwhile. If you are looking for cheap Classic WoW gold, GOLDKK is a right place. 

4. Consider Dungeon Runs and Focus on Quest

- You need to consider planning ahead if you really want to venture into leveling dungeons, it's not that difficult. To suddenly realize that you out leveled dungeon content because you happen to be whipping through a couple of zones and you find that breaking that stride by going into a dungeon might just not be worth your time. Some popular dungeons like rate for our chasm or scarlet monastery might be easier to run and they have lots of loot with better longevity, keep an eye on quests that you can pick up in your zone or at your capital because a lot of times capitals will send you off too far and away regions to do dungeon content.

- The first thing after entering the game you may notice is the quests, which don't show up on the mini-map and you have to actually read the quest text to figure out where to go, if you're still lost, you can look up the quest online or get a quest hopper like custody which helps you in the right direction. Turning on instant quest text will save you a bunch of time, once you get your first quest, you'll be introduced to the intense combat.  

5. Food and Drink are Much Important

Each class have a different type of toolkits or self-sustainability, you don't even have all your abilities yet going to a flight point is going to involve more than just a flight. Master's whistle and heart stones have a much longer cooldown than they have. Before you go out on a big questing binge, go around whatever questing hub that you happen to be and resupply make sure you have a few stacks of food or water make first-aid bandages ahead of time and make sure that your gear is repaired do this especially if you're going into a dungeon, you don't want to be the healer that got caught not having water and everyone's gonna be waiting on you.

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