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Animal Crossing New Horizons Fishing Guide - Tips On How To Catch Fish In ACNH

2/6/2021 5:30:05 PM

This guide will cover how to fish an Animal Crossing New Horizons as well as some other tips and tricks that you can use in order to give better catches.

ACNH Fishing Tips

Fish in Animal Crossing come in six different sizes and they're just labeled by their 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 being the smallest, and 6 being the largest and usually size 6 bones aren't the most valuable ones to catch. So where can you find fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons? You can find them in anywhere that has water actually whether that be the ocean a pond or a river. Some fish only spawn at a certain spot such as the end of the dock or on top of a cliff or at a waterfall or at the mouth of a river etc. So how do you actually catch these fish once you find them?

In order to catch fish you need a fishing rod.

acnh fishing guide

1. So first off you're gonna have to craft a flimsy fishing rod and you usually unlock this recipe pretty early on into the game. You can just talk to Timmy and buy the recipe off of him and this is crab tail using five tree branches later on. This can be upgraded for a regular fishing rod by using Nick Mouse to get the better durability tools. Once you unlock this you are able to upgrade your flimsy tools into normal ones by using an iron nugget which can be found at rocks. 

2. So now you've crafted yourself a fishing rod, go to where some fish might be press A to cast your fishing rod. You want the bobber to land in front of the fish so that he'll see it and try to fight it. Once the fish sees the bobber they'll swim towards it a couple times and try and bite it. And once the bobber goes down that's when you know to press A again. 

3. If you're going for a particularly rare fish you want to make sure you scare off all the small ones or the ones that you don't need and only go for the larger ones, scaring them off will enable other fish to spawn in and therefore increasing your chance of finding a river fish. If you're not able to reach a fish in order to scare it off because it doesn't see you running around, try catching a sea bass and using it as ammo and just release it into the ocean because nobody cares about sea bass. 

4. Also if you see a spot bubbling up from the sand you can use your shovel in order to get up and get a clam which can then be crafted into fish bait. You can scatter this fish bait in the water, in order to spawn a fish and you can do it in certain spots in order to spawn and rare fish or just if you want to catch anything you just throw it into water, and then catch whatever you want.

5. You want to make sure you have multiple different fishing rods crafted if you're going on a long fishing hunt, you could place these rods at a main base on the beach if you're going for a long fishing trip. And you can also lay some bait beside it in case you run out, that way whenever your main rod breaks you can go back grab one and switch to it and keep on fishing.

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