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How To Move & Change Your Mailbox In Animal Crossing New Horizons | ACNH Mailbox Guide

2/7/2021 4:02:36 PM

How you move the mailboxes in Animal Crossing New Horizons? In this ACNH tutorial or guide, we will teach you how to move your mailbox and what conditions must be met, as well as some of the customization available for the mailboxes.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mailbox

The mailbox is quite an iconic feature in the Animal Crossing universe and it's something that's been part of the game since the beginning. Of course, this primary purpose is to store our mail until we decide we want to collect it so it's a significant part of the game. The mailbox is more often than not red in color although its shape and color can be customized in New Horizons just like it could in previous games, we'll get to that shortly. Now the mailbox has always been positioned right outside of the player's house mostly for convenience, and although it's never really had a set side the mailbox itself has always been static and it's positioned permanently. Anyway, Animal Crossing New Horizons has changed that and added the ability to now move our mailboxes to wherever we want pretty much without any restrictions. 

ACNH Mailbox Customzation

How To Move Your Mailbox Anywhere On Your Island?

Required Condition: There is really only one condition that needs to be met before you're able to move your mailbox and that upgrades your home. Before you can simply head outside and pick up your mailbox, you have to have unlocked the left-hand room in your house which is the fourth upgrade, and the room you unlock after you've unlocked the back room. It's at this point the outside of your house increases in size. and you can move the mailbox for the first time unfortunately it can't be moved or picked up before then. The good news is once you've unlocked this room you and you can move your mailbox. And now you have the ability to customize your mailbox which is also super easy to do. 

Then it's pretty simple to move your mailbox all you have to do is:

  • 1. Stand in front of it and press the Y button to pick it up just like you would any other piece of furniture or item. 

  • 2. The mailbox will then be placed in your pockets just as you'd expect and you can literally take it anywhere you want.

  • 3. Once you've found a suitable location simply open your pockets and drop the mailbox, it will stay there until you move it again and continues to function just as normal. It's pretty awesome your letters will continue to be stored there and of course, it will still receive new mail.

How To Customize & Change Your Mailbox?

  • 1. Head over to Tom Nook inside the resident services center and speak with him

  • 2. Ask Tom Nook "About my home...", you can now select "I want to customize" 

  • 3. Choose a new mailbox amongst other things

  • 4. Here you can choose from large mailboxes different color wooden mailboxes, square mailboxes, and a bunch of different versions of the original.

  • 5. It costs 5,000 Animal Crossing bells to customize your mailbox and whatever you choose will be upgraded by the next day

Amazing Mailbox Layout Ideas in ACNH

It's pretty cool we can not only customize our mailboxes but now move them to wherever we want and this truly opens things up for even more creative designs and layouts:

  • Some uses for this feature include moving it further away from your house may be next to a garden gate or along a wall, but the coolest idea would be to move it to his own area or somewhere that's dedicated to mailboxes. 

  • If you have multiple houses on your island and all players move their mailboxes into the same location, you could literally create a post room of sorts. 

  • But you can move it next to trees, on rocks, on the beach pretty much any way you like, but for some reason, it can't be pushed or pulled. 

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