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How To Complete Label's Fashion Challenges in Animal Crossing New Horizons

2/8/2021 9:44:15 AM

In addition to the original villagers, there will be special NPCs in the game. Lable is a special NPC. Today, we bring you Label guide to finish the fashion challenge in Aniaml Crossing New Horizons.


How To Complete Label's Fashion Challenges In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

There are 11 themes that came up with Lable, namely: Comfy Everyday, Fairy Tale,  Formal,  Gothic,  Outdoorsy, Theatrical, Party, Sporty, Work and Vacation. The way of scoring is to look at the clothes on the body, and decide the number of clothes in line with the theme (generally, the clothing is one piece and one point, and the Jumpsuit is one piece and two points).

If the clothing in line with the theme reaches 3 points, the task will be completed perfectly. The reward is 1 piece of random case clothing + 2 coupons from the able sisters' shop the next day. In addition, if it reaches 2 o'clock, it will finish the task normally. The reward is 1 random case garment + 1 able sisters' shop coupon the next day. Below 1 o'clock, there is only one coupon for the tailor's shop the next day. 

Theme matching of formal, party, work and fairy tale. There was a time when I could use the four themes of easy-to-use clothing. Aristocratic coat + aristocratic trousers + woolen shoes (or aristocratic dress + woolen shoes). The difference between the two sets is the difference between men's and women's clothing. In this way, the rest of the clothing is basically changed to other parts according to the situation, so there is no problem.

Sporty and Vacation Outfit 

We can use these two themes of easy-to-use clothing. Kabuki bathrobe + outdoor sandals (or morning glory bathrobe + outdoor sandals).The difference between the two sets is that of men and women. On the day of the recent fireworks conference, able sisters' shop will definitely sell these two bathrobes. Take the opportunity to buy them as soon as possible. In fact, the normal should be with two teeth clogs or straw sandals. Unfortunately, the attributes don't cover these two topics at the same time.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

We can use these two themes of easy-to-use clothing. Fitness tank+Denim cap+Sweatpants+ Simple-accent socks+Cute sneakers. In addition, a safety helmet should be noted, safety helmet can only be used in sporty theme and outdoor theme.

Work Theme-Matching

As long as you put together a set of clothing for the corresponding work, it can be achieved easily, and the difficulty here is not high. Here is the preparation: Trench coat+Wide chino pants+ Rimmed glasses+ Leopard pumps.

Daily Life Theme-Matching

If the novice clothes used to build characters are still there, it's easy to wear them. Even if they have been sold, those tailors will appear frequently.

Gothic Theme-Matching

The simplest way is to deal with Mysterious dress, Elegant hat, Fishnet tights and Mary Janes。

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