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How To Start Your Island Building In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

2/8/2021 4:55:35 PM

If you don't have a specific idea, you can take a look at the beautiful island on youtube and see if there are any parts you like.

There is also a special favorite prop, furniture, and so on, to see how to play out an area.

Of course, some people do it all at once from the overall planning to the specific details, while others do what they want to do. But we must first plan the location of the large area, such as the residential area, the commercial area, the respective distribution areas of gardens and orchards, the direction of rivers, and so on, and then build what we want to do on the land.

First, go to see all kinds of five-star islands to determine the style you want. For example, if you like modern buildings, they will be arranged neatly, with large areas covered with floor tiles; if you like the original forest system, you will like high and low scattered and irregular winding paths, and the style will greatly affect your terrain arrangement.

Plan each area of the island from the perspective of the plan. If the island is not on the preset map, you can take a screenshot and draw it yourself.

The focus of this step is to plan the location of bridges and stairs. After all, it takes time to build and demolish them. At the same time, determine the location of each important building to reduce the trouble of moving around.

The recommended method is to use floor tiles to occupy the space where you want to put the building so that you can easily view the remaining space around and locate it later.

For example, a small animal's house is a 4x4 lattice. If you put a 4x4 tile on the ground, you will know how much land the house will occupy. When you place it, just aim the frame at the tile, and don't be afraid to put it askew.

As for the change of the island, it depends on whether you want to dig the island in a big way or use the existing terrain to adapt to local conditions.

Pay attention to the location of the airport and town hall, the estuary of the river, the edge of the beach, and the rocks, which cannot be modified.

The above is the whole content of the strategy for the construction of Animal Crossing island. We hope it can help you.

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