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How To Make Bells In Animal Crossing New Horizons Through Dreaming?

2/8/2021 10:19:20 AM

How did Animal Crossing make ACNH bells through dreams? After the update of the dream, players can use this function to make money. Many players don't know how to make money. Here's the ACNH guide that shows you how to make bells via dreaming in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Come and have a look.


How To Make ACNH Bells Through Dreaming?

If you want to visit other people's islands through dreams, you need to enter the dream number. The players who land on the island can also get various designs submitted by the author directly from my design display cabinet set up in the square. Most of the players must have visited other people's islands through their dream house numbers. In fact, we can also provide dreams to the system, get a set of dream house numbers, and share them with others. If you upload your dream island, you will receive the money exchange coupon from NPC Luna in the mailbox the next day.

Let's talk about the detailed process: you first lie in bed, choose to sleep, you can meet NPC Luna in the dream. Then choose I want to provide the dream, you will receive a set of dream numbers. Just share this number with friends, they can visit your island through the dream way, and you don't have to worry about the destruction of the island, because what you do in the dream doesn't exist. It's worth noting that we can upload dreams once a day, as long as you have updates or uploads,

Then the next day we will receive a letter from Luna, which contains a gift: ACNH bells coupon. To use the coupon, we need to go to the nook shop on the island, talk to the beaver clerk and choose what we want to sell. Then we can sell the coupon. A dream money coupon can sell for 5000 ACNH, and as mentioned above, you can update your dreams every day, which means you can get a dream money coupon every day.

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