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How To Catch Each Shark In Animal Crossing New Horizons

2/28/2021 6:29:54 PM

A detailed guide to capturing any shark in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Although it is possible to catch any fish in the game by using fish bait, which is made with the Manila Clams you find on the beach, the catch rate is relatively low, so it takes about 15 minutes on average to collect 30 Manila Clams, dig them up, and then craft 30 bait. Although it is highly recommended that you pack several fishing rods and shovels before going on your shark fishing expedition, it would be helpful to first buy some additional fishing rods and shovels to make sure none of them break on your hunt for sharks. A crafting table is a smart idea for making your bait when on the beach, because it builds on the advantages of getting one on your yacht.

The Whale Shark is the only shark that is accessible 24/7, as opposed to the others, which are limited to being captured between 4 p.m. and 9 a.m. Therefore, we recommend working to capture sharks while they are in between the two time periods as it's more effective to get things done then rather than doing so at another time. The final product is to make sure it is packed up and brought to the beach, where you can then dig up the clams.

But if you haven't tried looking for rare fish like great whites and catching Manila clams, you might miss a chance to see a shark fin cast in the sand as you dig up clams, but the fun thing about searching for sharks and searching for Manila clams is that you just might see a shark fin silhouette along the beach when you're baiting the hook, and that means that once you think you have enough bait, it's time to find a good place to fish and get started. A fish shadow that does not have a fin suggests a fish that is just swimming in the field. When you see this, throw a bit more bait into the water, and a new fish shadow will appear.

It's night and day in terms of the emphasis, compared to trying to decide whether a fish shadow seems like the right size for the fish ear, with all of that in the sense of trying to find the position of a shark fin with a few fish shadows in it. Additionally, fish are most easily seen in the water at dawn and dusk, so fish while these times to see more easily. Eventually, remember to fish at dawn and dusk to maximize your chances of success.

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