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ACNH Super Mario Event - Mario Item List & How To Unlock Mario Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons Within A Day

3/1/2021 4:30:49 PM

Version 1.8 February Super Mario update has officially arrived in Animal Crossing New Horizons to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary. The most exciting thing is we can get all ACNH Mario items now! Here we share the best tips to unlock all of Animal Crossing Mario event items and works for other event items as soon as they came out.

How To Unlock Mario Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mario update is released on February 25th. To buy all of these new ACNH Mario items in your nook shopping - special goods - promotion. You don’t need to get Mario Clothing from Able Sisters. You are limited to order 5 items per day, if you want to get all items in a day, you will have to do additional time travel. If you do not want to time travel, you will have to wait until March 1st local time. Next, we show you the best way to access all new ACNH Mario items to decorate your island!


Step 1: Go to system setting - system, change your region into Hong Kong or Australia.

Step 2: Go to date and time - time zone, set time that is at the very least set in Hong Kong or later.

Step 3: Setting a date and time at least on March 1, plus any time after March 1 will do it.

Step 4: Keep that in mind, when you set your region, you will need to restart your switch. Otherwise, once your region is set, you can save and end, time travel progress is starting!

Step 5: Once you logged back into the game on the date that you set in. Either you go to the resident services center to the shopping, or on your phone to the nook shopping app. You will be able to buy 5 ACNH items as you want.

Step 6: After you purchased 5 items, all you need to do is push forward one more day, except there’s no need to change region this time.

Step 7: Once you achieved the items you want, set your region back to the date and time that you want.


Best & quickest way to unlock ACNH super Mario items

If you are tired of time traveling to get all seasonal items every time they came out. There’s the best tips to get items as soon as possible is set your region and time zone and push forward to march 1, so that you are only couple hours ahead for every update. You only have to do this one time, anytime there’ a new update and items in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will get access to them about 13 hours early.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Mario Items

Super Mario Furniture

? Block (1350 Bells)

1-Up Mushroom (2000 Bells)

Block (1000 Bells)

Coin (350 Bells)

Fire Flower (1500 Bells)

Floating Block (1000 Bells)

Goal Pole (3500 Bells)

Large Mushroom Platform (3000 Bells)

Pipe (5000 Bells)

Shell (700 Bells)

Small Mushroom Platform (1000 Bells)

Super Mushroom (1350 Bells)

Super Star (2000 Bells)

Thwomp (3000 Bells)

Block Flooring (3000 Bells)

Lakitu's Cloud Rug (1500 Bells)

Mushroom Mural (3000 Bells)

Yoshi's Egg Rug (1500 Bells)


Super Mario Clothing

Mario 'Stache (1200 Bells)

Mario Hat (1500 Bells)

Mario Outfit (2400 Bells)

Mario Shoes (1400 Bells)

Luigi 'Stache (1200 Bells)

Luigi Hat (1500 Bells)

Luigi Outfit (2400 Bells)

Luigi Shoes (1400 Bells)

Princess Peach Crown (12000 Bells)

Princess Peach Dress (6000 Bells)

Princess Peach Shoes (2400 Bells) 

Wario 'Stache (1200 Bells)

Wario Hat (1500 Bells)

Wario Outfit (2400 Bells)

Wario Shoes (1400 Bells)

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