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How To Get Nook Points To Redeem Items In ACNH - Nook Points Feature Revealed, New Currency & Items

3/31/2021 12:01:11 PM

A brand new feature for Nintendo Switch online's Nook Link app has been introduced. This is the Nook Points redemption system which allows you to get special points daily and swap them for brand new, exclusive items. So in this guide, we are going over everything you need to know about this new feature Nook Points & new currency and how you can get a hold of these new items for yourself.

How To Get Nook Points To Redeem Items                

The new Nook Link update introduces the Nook Points feature, with this you can now get nook points every single day by logging on to this app. 

This is the Nintendo Switch online app and as you can see there's a big button saying “get my points” when you click into this little tab. So once you do so you'll be given Nook Points every day and it seems like every day you can get different bonuses for how many nook points you get.

Once you've got your points is the redeem for items tab, you can actually use your points to get many different items such as Tom Nook items and Isabel themed items, the Nook Ink. type items, Nook Ink, poster, the Nook Ink. door plate, the carrying case, Timmy and Tommy's photo, Tom Nooks photo and Isabel's photo. The photos can all be customized like regular photos. So there are some cool exclusive items that you can get and the only way to get these items in your game aside from trading with other players is to redeem your Nook Points to get them. So you can log on every day to get these. If you don't want to log on every day and you're feeling a bit impatient you can change your clock on your phone to get more points, you can go ahead a day but you can't go too far ahead and get a whole ton. 

redeem ACNH new items

Click the next tab which is the redemption history. 

This tab is very simple, it'll just show you the recent items that you've ordered. However, you can view up to 100 items you've recently ordered. We could potentially see even more items in the future for this app because it would give people more incentive to log on to it every day. So this is kind of a nice new currency that works really well combined with Animal Crossing New Horizons and all the currencies that you've got there.

So you go into this tab and click order and then the item must be sent to your mailbox in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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