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Best ACNH Mermaid Room Design Tips - Animal Crossing New Horizons Ocean Themed Design Ideas

4/8/2021 6:06:01 PM

If you want to create a beautiful mermaid room, of course you cannot lack mermaid items. In addition, you also need the following tips to make the romantic ocean look more perfect and harmonious.

1. Starry Garland

Starry garlands (DIY Recipe from Celeste) goes perfect with the upper edge of the mermaid wallpaper. Play around with different colors and height placements. String together multiple garlands or use a single one as an accent piece.

ACNH Mermaid Design Ideas 1

2. Dropped Materials

Don’t be afraid to get messy. Experiment with dropped items, such as pears, shells, and star fragments. Unlike most other furniture, you can walk over them, so they don’t block your way either. Bonus: Try this outdoors or with other themed rooms with natural items like picked flowers and acorns.

ACNH Mermaid Design Ideas 2

3. Shell Series

It goes without saying, but the shell series and the mermaid series are a match made in heaven. There are many variations of shell furniture, try mixing up the colors with customization kits - the cute pearlescent variations are super charming with its reflective sheen.

ACNH Mermaid Design Ideas 3

4. Street Piano

The street piano has a super cut pastel variation that adds abstract fractals, a scallop edge, and a little bow. It fits perfectly with the soft girly vibe of mermaid furniture. Take a look at the design on the back of the piano. It is super cute and can work as an alternate partition or panel.

5. Flower Crowns

Mounting a flower crown on the wall behind a mermaid bed makes it look you left some lovely blooms on your pillow. It’s a subtle but very charming detail. There are many colors for you to choose. Play around and try this trick with other furniture - you can pair a crown with whirlpool bath for a spa like flower bath.

6. Lighting Consideration

Last but not least, think about how lighting will impact the felling of your room. The surface of Mermaid furniture is reflective, so lights that emit different colors will give its surrounding furniture a different vibe. Take advantage of this while snapping pictures by trying various angles to bring out those pearlescent colors too.

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