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ACNH Bells & Money Tips - How To Always Be Rich In Animal Crossing New Horizons

4/16/2021 3:29:30 PM

How to earn more free ACNH bells and always be rich in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Take a look at these ACNH bells & money tips covering 3 helpful tips to always be rich in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Be rich in ACNH

1. Create big money assets to generate wealth

Assets are resources that can be converted into cold hard bells like pumpkin patches, non-native fruit orchards, turnip fields and blue rose gardens. These are the main assets to generate the most Animal Crossing bells and the more assets that you have and the bigger that they are the more bells that you'll make. If you're new to the game or if you don't have a lot of bells right now, you can either starting out with a pumpkin patch or a non-native fruit orchard, you can get started with these methods for less than a thousand ACNH bells and build upon that until you're rich. They're also less risky than turnips and much easier to do than getting blue roses. And once you made a good amount of bells from doing that you can move on to methods that are a little bit more advanced if you want like turnips or blue roses.

2. Don't spend more bells than you can easily make back

If you spend all your hard-earned bells at the Nook's Cranny without having any money left over to invest in assets, you have to do the hard work for less spells like fishing, catching bugs or digging fossils.

3. Sell things that don't fit your island vision

If you have stuff that's in your storage that you never plan on using or if the items you have right now don't necessarily fit the vision you have for your island, or you have a bunch of items on your island right now and it's starting to overwhelm you a little bit, you can simplify your island down by selling the items that you don't want. Therefore, having more AC bells in space dedicated to those bell making assets and if you want more bells for your items there are websites like Nookazon where you can trade with other players for in-game items and bells which will give you more bells for your items than if you were to sell your AC items back to Timmy and Tommy at the nook's cranny.

In summary, create assets to generate wealth, don't spend more bells than you can easily make back and sell the items that don't fit your island vision. 

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