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ACNH Amiibo Cards Updates - New Amiibo Cards Revealed In Animal Crossing 2.0 Update

4/17/2021 2:30:38 PM

One of the coolest things in Animal Crossing New Horizons is collecting Amiibo cards. In the recent Sanrio update, we’ve got great Sanrio amiibo cards and tons of items. What if there’s a new series of amiibo cards that are on the way to New Horizons according to date mine. Next, we are going to explain new amiibo cards in Animal Crossing 2.0 update or April update, then list some characters that will be the ACNH new amiibo card.


ACNH Amiibo Cards Updates - New Amiibo Cards Revealed In Animal Crossing 2.0 Update

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Serie 5 Amiibo cards could be in development or released in 2.0 update or April update. In terms of updates, this makes perfect sense. We’re now one year into the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons, other almost every new seasonal holiday that added a bunch of new items. So with an expected life of over three years, new sets of amiibo cards Animal Crossing are not only keeping existing players playing but attracting new players. An impressive article that has surfaced on Reddit goes into incredible details of how amiibo works from a data point of view and basically highlights an entire section of amiibo cards ids that may have been reserved for a new series of Animal Crossing and amiibo cards. From the date mine, we can see each ACNH amiibo cards has 16 characters that infer info and identifications to some certain new ACNH amiibo cards.

New Amiibo Cards In Animal Crossing

Thanks to the observation of an amiibo enthusiast Tyeforce, it has been revealed that a gap of 103 amiibo ids. Skipped over new released 3 monster hunter amiibo, this means Nintendo is going to drop 100 amiibos. Moreover, This is happening in the past when Nintendo first allocated or reserved a hundred IDs for each set of existing Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. Nintendo is most likely doing this again for a new batch of cards. Since they've done Animal Crossing amiibo including the Welcome amiibo cards, Sanrio cards, and Mario sports Superstar cards. Generally speaking, any gaps in the IDs have been filled or reserved for a franchise should they decide to create promos at a later date. Having a recent batch of over 100 ids essentially skipped over follows the same pattern as previous Animal Crossing card releases. As a matter of fact that, Animal Crossing amiibo cards from Serie 1 to Serie 4 features 100 cards per set. It really seems it’s going to be a brand new Serie 5.


How Does Amiibo Card Work In Animal Crossing?

Every time that Amiibo card ACNH released, will get a specific code that helps the game to know what you scanning. There’s a number gap between the two newest Animal Crossing amiibo Monster Hunter Rise and Cat Peach. How does amiibo work? For example, the code of Isabelle amiibo (0181 01 00 023F 05 02). 0181 contains a few bytes of information regarding its corresponding franchise. 01 stands for whether or not the amiibo is original or a variant for example promotional amiibo cards that are identical to the original but have different artwork. 00 stands for what type of amiibo the amiibo is for example is it a figure or a card. 023F is like a hexadecimal value that essentially identifies each unique amiibo. Finally, 05 02 refers to what is associated with the amiibo. The amiibo ids are consecutive or sequential, which means they differ by one with every amiibo, and all amiibo from the same set are grouped.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Prediction

The welcome amiibo update for New leaf, not only brought villagers but also brought amiibo cards. The villager have never been in any other amiibo cards series, including Piper, June, Stella, Hornsby, Carrie, Ketchup, Stu, Jacob, Billy, Maggie, Sandy, Julia, Candi, Leopold, Norma. Isabelle has a big chance of getting a new amiibo card in the Animal Crossing 2.0 update. Because she is the character who gets new cards in every series. Flick and CJ should be able to see new cards for the first time. Daisy May might come back. Maybe by this time, favorite Brewster will come back. In addition, Kicks, Reese, Labelle, Timmy and Tommy and more characters should be a part of ACNH Amiibo cards update. Moreover, new villagers who never had any welcome amiibo cards or amiibo card like Audie, Cyd, Dom, Raymond, Sherb, Raneigh, Judy, Megan,


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