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5 ACNH Things Removed - Star Fragment Tree, Hybrid Flower Island, Nature Day Nook Miles & More

4/23/2021 3:56:52 PM

Since Animal Crossing New Horizons has been released, we've seen a bunch of different updates and patches which have changed the game in significant ways. Mostly these patches and updates introduce new features and content which we've come to know and love. However, sometimes they've actually removed things from the game whether this is a glitch that they've patched or a feature that people knew about. So in this guide, we'll be taking a look at 5 things Nintendo has removed from the game since launch. 

5 Things Nintendo Removed From ACNH

1. Hybrid Flower Island 

You may love going on Nook Mile Ticket tours whether you're going villager hunting or you're trying to find a bunch of different resources maybe you want to find a shark island or a tarantula or scorpion island. As you may know there are a ton of different types of islands that you can visit which have different purposes. What you might not have known if you haven't been playing for too long or if perhaps you never got to see it yourself is that they used to have a rare hybrid flower island in the game. There was only a tiny percentage of you actually visiting this, but when you did you could actually get yourself a bunch of different hybrid flowers which you could bring home. 

Now these islands didn't offer every single type of flower, they didn't offer every single color either, but it gave you a really good start and getting these you wouldn't have to go through all the effort of breeding the flowers yourself and getting all the different hybrid combinations. You could just go to this island get them. However, Nintendo decided to actually remove this island from the pool of islands that you potentially visit, so you can now no longer ever visit a hybrid flower island.

2. Earth Day Nook Mile Goals 

This is actually quite a recent one but back in April 2020, we got a big treat from Nintendo for nature day when leaf returned and bushes returned to the game in a big update, they also added some really cool limited time Nature Day Nook Mile plus goals which would reward you with huge amounts of Nook Miles for doing simple tasks like planting bushes, putting a flower in your hair, watering flowers, you name it anything gardening and outdoor related you could do it and get a ton of Nook Miles per day. But for some reason this year in 2021 Nintendo decided not to bring this back.

3. Star Fragment Trees

You have probably heard about these and the big drama that it caused when Nintendo decided to remove them from the game last year. There's no denying that Nintendo made a big effort to actually remove the star trees from the game last year within a patch. This is probably something on the list that some of you might find a bit strange because obviously this isn't an official feature, this is something that Nintendo patched out because it was a hacked ACNH item that players could trade online. 

4. Big Fish Island 

Fishing is one of the most iconic Animal Crossing features. What it's satisfying to get the fish that you really want especially the rarer ones and Nintendo gave us a really good opportunity to catch some big rare fish that is until they removed it from the game. Now this is called big fish and hybrid flower island because like the one we saw before you could actually get hybrid flowers from this one and it was slightly more common than the other hybrid flower island. The catch here is no pun intended you could get bigger fish shadows on average, the smaller fish shadows could not appear here at all. So the little ones and the medium ones couldn't. So it made it a little bit easier to get certain types of rare fish that you might have wanted. This actually probably could have been a good way to get the string fish which is pretty rare. And only appears at a certain point on the map so it could have worked really well. But Nintendo decided like with the hybrid flower island.

5. Trees on Pathways

This is another thing that Nintendo actually patched out of the game, so it wasn't an intended feature that they removed but it's still something that a lot of players used and even Nintendo used themselves. Now it doesn't really make much sense for them to let you plant trees and bushes on these pathways that are made of stone, but it was a really cool feature that allowed you to decorate your islands even more. It's not really a feature, it's a glitch but still it was a cool one.

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