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ACNH May & June (2021) New Events & Seasonal Items - Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.10 Update

4/27/2021 11:14:00 AM

Finnaly, the new update of Animal Crossing New Horizons is announced, which is fairly underwhelming as there is no special content for the 20th Anniversary of Animal Crossing. However, we still get the old events returning and new seasonal Animal Crossing items adding in May and June (2021), follow us to check out all details about the ACNH 1.10 Update!


ACNH 1.10 Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons May & Jane New Events & Items

It seems Nintendo have decided to put out a small update to add a bunch of new content for May for Animal Crossing New Horizons now, the update itself will bring Animal Crossing New Horizons up to version 1.10 and just like previous monthly updates will include new seasonal events and holidays, most of which will be time locked which is to be expected. Unfortunately no trailer has been released this time around, but Nintendo have published a bunch of new screenshots showing off what these upcoming events will look like as well as previewing their exclusive items. 

ACNH May 1.10 Update Release Date

The May update is scheduled to release sometime around April 28th and will include three returning holidays that have been slightly refreshed for 2021, as well as a bunch of old and new seasonal events, some of which add even more new items to the game.

May Day (April 29 - May 7)

Starting with the holidays May Day returns from April 29th and runs through to May 7th, and once again gives us the chance to meet Rover, the iconic Animal Crossing cat character which is super awesome. Just like last year, you'll be able to obtain a May Day Ticket and use it to fly to a limited time mystery island where you can take part in a maze to earn prizes. Fortunately this holiday has been refreshed and the maze is different from last year, which is great for people who have been playing since launch. We don't know for sure yet but the prizes will likely remain the same and include Bell Vouchers and Rovers Briefcase.

International Museum Day (May 18 - May 31)

The second holiday to return in the may update is of course International Museum Day that runs from May 18th through to May 31st, again much like last year players have the opportunity to take part in a stamp rally within the museum in order to earn prizes. Like May Day, Museum Day has been refreshed slightly and sees the stamp rally also open in the art exhibition adding a bunch of new stamp locations to find and collect. Although not confirmed this will almost certainly add the art plaque to the prizes available from blathers during the event.

Wedding Season (June 1 – June 30)

Moving on and before we get into all of these smaller seasonal items, the third event to return during the May update is none other than the wedding season which was extremely popular last year. Wedding season runs for an entire month from June 1st through to June 30th, and we'll see Rhys and Cyrus return to harvest island to celebrate their anniversary. Just like last year players are given the opportunity to decorate their wedding venue to earn heart crystals which can be redeemed against wedding furniture, and of course to take some gorgeous wedding themed photos. Now the wedding season event itself doesn't appear to have been refreshed, however a new seasonal holiday called June bride that runs alongside recent Cyrus's celebration is scheduled adding all new wedding items to the Nook Dtop including wedding bells, pillows, door plates, and flowers. Furthermore all new wedding themed clothing and fashion items will be added to the Able Sisters stock including a new hat. 

Now that pretty much sums up all the major holiday events currently returning to New Horizons for May and June, so basically covers two months worth of content, so naturally these events will be time locked up to a few days before the events go live. 

ACNH Seasonal Eevnts & Items

The good news is this small update is larger than it seems and also adds around 12 seasonal holidays that will run from the end of April when the update goes live and all the way through to the start of August, featuring new items you can buy with ACNH bells from Nook Shop. Some of these holidays include:

Children's Day

Date: April 28 to May 5

Items: Carp Streamer (NEW), Newspaper Helmet (NEW)

Mother's Day

Date: May 1 to May 31

Items: Thank-You Mom Mug, Carnation (NEW)

Cheese Rolling Day

Date: May 22 to May 31

Items: Double Gloucester, Cheese (NEW)

International Children's Day 

Date:June 1 to June 15

Items: Handmade Crown, Handmade Cape

June Bride

Date: June 1 to June 30

Items: Wedding Bell (NEW), Ring Pillow (NEW), Wedding Door Plate (NEW), Flower Shower (NEW)

Father's Day

Date: June 1 to June 30

Items: Thank-You Dad Mug, Thank-You Dad Apron (NEW)

Tangobushi (Boy's Day)

Date: June 5 to June 14

Items: Festival Zongzi (NEW), Surichwi Tteok (NEW)

Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)

Date: June 15 to June 21

Items: Sunflower Crown, Sunflower Rug

Winter Solstice (Sothern Hemisphere)

Date: June 15 to June 21

Items: Midwinter Sweater, Aurora Wall


Date: Junly 1 to July 7

Items: Bamboo Grass

Marine Day

Date: July 8 to July 22

Items: Summertime, Doorplate (NEW) 

Bastille Day

Date: July 10 to July 20

Items: Phrygian Cap (NEW) 

Some of these events we have seen before and their original items will return but, most of them are new or feature all new or refreshed items. For example, Children's Day which is celebrated on May 5th sees the awesome Carp Streame item and the Surichwi Tteok hat item available to purchase for a limited time, the hat is of course better known as the newsprint helmet in new leaf so will no doubt be a super popular item. Another new seasonal holiday includes cheese rolling event which will be held from May 22nd through to May 31st and offers up the awesome looking cheese wheel item. 

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