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ACNH Updates Datamine 2021 - 5 New Updates Predictions In Animal Crossing New Horizons

5/8/2021 3:00:07 PM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons we have got so many updates in May. However, with the help of data mines that gives us a good idea of what new changes and contents we could expect in the future. Here at goldkk.com, we're going to look at some of the previous data mines to see what updates we could see in Animal Crossing New Horizons in 2021? Stay tuned if you are interested in ACNH 2021 update predictions for items, events, and features!

ACNH 5 Upcoming Updates 2021 - Items, Events And More Features Animal Crossing Update Datamine 

We always talk about the Roost and Brewster anywhere and any time, because there's a rumor that they will come back soon. Hopefully, we will see some improvements and future updates in 2021 in Animal Crossing. Since Nintendo did the quality of life changes with custom designs happen in the March update, why not some more ACNH updates for clothes, DIYs, events or materials we can unlock? Fortunately, there are convincible data mines that has brought us lights of hope, many interesting and useful content updates are coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons in 2021. Next, we are going to list 5 ACNH 2021 update predictions!


Vegetables - ACNH Update 2021 Predictions

Animal Crossing Halloween event in October 2020, we got pumpkins as well as a new mechanic added to the game where you can do farming and grow your own pumpkins. So the majority sometimes expected that Nintendo would add more variety in the vegetables than just pumpkins in the ACNH future update. A data mine was founded by one of the most prominent data miners Ninji that there were other types of vegetables(Tomato, Wheat, Sugarcane, Potato, Cannot) within the files of the game, which Nintendo would not bother to add all of these new vegetables in ACNH 2021 updates. The perfect time to add new items of vegetables would either for Halloween 2021 or Turkey Day 2021, Spring update or Fall update of Animal Crossing.



Bushes - ACNH Update 2021 Predictions

Bushes are one of the greatest things that have brought back from Animal Crossing New Leaf. In Animal Crossing New Horizons during the April update, that means we've had over a year's worth of bushes in New Horizons. Now we are able to see the bushes in every sort of condition, and every type of bloom that has different flowers. As a matter of fact, a data mine from last year infers there was another type of bush that could be added to the Animal Crossing update 2021. Plumeria bush instead of being a stand-alone flower, however, would be a flower on a bush. Nintendo usually has two types of each bush, apparently, only the red plumeria was data mined but white plumeria will most likely also be added to future updates Animal Crossing New Horizons. The reason why this type of bush could be introduced in the ACNH summer update is that plumeria flowers do bloom in summer and that's when they have first introduced in Pocket Camp a summer gardening event.



Gyroids - ACNH Update 2021 Predictions

Gyroids are very iconic and beloved in Animal Crossing New Horizons. According to data mines are explicitly connected to the cafe. With the gyroid's return in Animal Crossing update datamine could have a really cool new collectible. Just imagine being able to collect all different gyroid statues by digging them up across your island. After it rains, it would give you something new to do. What’s more, they're good to sell, you can display them in your home,  they do different things, make different noises and ambiance. Actually, there rumors with the last Animal Crossing Data Mine for the 1.10 update that the roost and cafe will be returning to the museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons, if that does happen, gyroids will come at the same time during 2021 summer updates Animal Crossing.



Seasonal Events - ACNH Update 2021 Predictions

Without a doubt the Fireworks Festival, Halloween Event, Thanks’ Giving Event, Toy Day are going to get significant updates or smaller updates in 2021 New Horizons regardless of data mines. In fact, we've seen this happen with the events in ACNH 1.10 update which came out in late April, which was dedicated to updating events from last year. The reason why doing this is to keep players who played the game last year entertained and give new players some extra content to enjoy as well.

  • Above all, the one that has the least chance of being updated in New Horizons 2021 is the fireworks festival, but maybe Redd could actually sell some of the old Nintendo themed toys that he sold in Animal Crossing New Leaf. 

  • Halloween is a given to get updates in the game, there are so many creepy items they could bring back or add for Halloween.  

  • Turkey day probably is going to have new recipes with new ingredients to collect.  

  • Toy day is another event that will see get a new update in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Potentially the feature where throughout the month of December, you get clues about what gifts to give your villagers.



Cooking - ACNH Update 2021 Predictions

Could we see cooking feature come to Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Nintendo? Once again data mined by Ninji is one of the most interesting things on the list, they had some references in the game's code to sewing and cooking DIYs. This way can make sense along with the vegetables that they added and even the pumpkins, but this never happened we never really saw cooking or sewing DIYs. But in 2021 is considered the best time for a new feature to come out.


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