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poe attack mods

path of exile attacks

we can judge the type of attack for this skill by observing the skill "labeled tags" written on the skill gemstones, roughly with the following settings.


this type of skill is mainly affected by weapons physical damage, elemental damage, critical strike, accuracy, attack speed influence.

attack has the judgement of hit, dodge and block.

there are also two types of settings of melee and projectiles.


this kind of skill won’t be affected by weapons physical damage, elemental damage, critical strike, accuracy and attack speed. but can enhance affection through weapon-attached spells or full-area “affix” capabilities, such as: spell damage%, cast speed%, full-area critical strike damage%.

spell damage is not subject to attack hit, dodge, block determination.

in general, spell is the 100% hit skill. only a specific “spell dodge” value can effect the spell hit rate. only the “spell block” value can block spells. spells can’t be used when the player is silence cursed. 


a special attribute which is not belong to attack nor to spell, for example: detonate dead


melee skill is one of the attack skills.

attack skills with melee affixes can enjoy the results of a gifted melee talent point.

attack skills with melee affixes can use with auxiliary gemstones melee affixes.

dual wielding 

dual wielding is a state of melee attack, because there are a number of special addition to the other colony description.

dual wielding refers to using a one-handed weapon in both hands.

dual wielding can increase attack speed by 10% and physical attack damage by 20%, and gain 15 chance of dual wielding.

some unique items regard a one-handed weapon as dual wielding, and can enjoy dual wielding.


bow skills can be only used by holding a bow.

if you want to use a totem of trap to string the bow skills, you must also take a bow on hand to use the skill.


both the attack and the spell have projectiles.

the projectiles of different skills have different range settings.

increasing the speed of the projectile can increase the range of the projectile.


minion can enjoy the auras.

there is only a special designated affix that affects the minion can be added to the minion’s ability.

minion has the same rarity of items and number of items dropped as the players.

minion can help the player add potions when he kill a enemy.

minion can gather balls.


not minions.

they will be destroyed if their life drops to zero, but won’t leave exploitable corpses.

totems are medium of attack, the spell intensity and attack blocked by player through totems are mainly affected by their own effect. when player himself has a variety of auxiliary states and gathering ball state, totem skills will also be enhanced by these effects, but totem can’t obtain charges by casting skills. because the limit is zero.

using totem to cast skills with weapons restrictions must be equipped with a corresponding weapon. for example, you must hold a bow to summon a totem with bow skills. 

the number and range of totems can be enhanced by special affixes on talent and equipment.

when totem is rebounded, it’s the totem that bears the rebound, players won’t be harmed.

traps and mines

not minion.

mines and traps have only 1 point of blood, they can’t be specific for target, but will be affected by range damage, when they are not triggered, they’re destroyed when they get affected by a range attack. 

you can improve their setup speed and trigger range through the effects of talent and equipment.

players have a default cap of 3 traps and 5 mines, which can be increased through talent to increase the upper limit.

mines and traps have charge quantity and charge time, when the upper limit is zero, you must wait until it’s fully charged before throwing and laying it again.

when mines and traps and traps are rebounded, they are rebounded by mines and traps, players won’t be harmed.


movement skill can make the role move while casting.

Guess you ask