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poe charges

path of exile three charges

three charges

charge collection is a short time auxiliary state that is added through a specific skill. when a player gets three charge, there will also be a small charge of a specific color around the appearance, the charges of three colors have different effects. the maximum charge preset for each color per player is 3 (9 in total). players can increase the upper limit and duration of charge collection by selecting talent or special equipment affix. in addition, some skills can be used to cast different effects by consuming the three charge. some are directly attack the enemy, some can ignore cooling time and timely cast.

endurance charge

each endurance charge has +4% physical damage reduction (can be accumulated with armor at the same time).

each endurance charge has +4% elemental resistances.

  • skills

warlord’s mark

vigilant strike

enduring cry

immortal call

  • legendary equipment

voll’s devotion 

kaom’s sign

ambu’s charge

daresso’s defiance

the bringer of rain

doedre’s elixir


the restless ward


redblade banner

frenzy charge

each frenzy charge has +4% attack speed

each frenzy charge has +4% cast speed

each frenzy charge has +4% more damage (will be increased after 2.0 revision)

  • skills


flicker strike

poacher’s mark

blood rage 

  • legendary equipment

victario’s acuity 

the blood dance

darkray vectors

shackles of the wretched


hyaon’s fury 

oro’s sacrifice 

terminus est 

doedre’s elixir 

the restless ward


critical strike charge 

each critical strike charge has +50% full-area critical strike rate ( influence attack and spell skills)

  • skills

cold snap

assassin’s mark

power siphon 

  • legendary equipment

victario’s acuity 

voll’s devotion 


romira’s banquet 

vall’s protector

jaws of agony

void battery 

doedre’s elixir

hegemony’s era

rshkaldor’s patience 

death’s hand

the restless ward


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