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poe defensive system

defensive system


each class starts with 50 life, + 12 life per level.

each point of strength add 0.5 life.

increase life base bonuses and percentage based life bonuses through equipment and talent.

life base bonuses: some equipments has +12 maximum life effects.

percentage based life bonuses: some talents have +5% life effects.

life formula:

total maximum life = (38 + (level * 12) + (strength / 2) + base bonus) * (100% + percentage bonus%)


each class starts with 40 mana , +4 mana per level 

every point of intelligence add 1 mana.

the base mana recovery rate for each character is 105% per minute (1.75% per second).

increasing the mana regeneration rate through auras and increasing the speed of mana regeneration affixes

energy shield

if the character has any energy shield remaining when damage is taken, that damage is inflicted on energy shield first. damage is only applied to life or mana once all energy shield is depleted. 

the exception to this is chaos damage, which bypasses energy shield. 

while the character has any energy shield remaining the character has a 50% chance to ignore being stunned.

energy shield will automatically begin to recharge if the character does not take any damage for a certain period of time. the initial time is 6 seconds, which can be shortened by reducing the affix of the energy shield delay.

  • reduces energy automatic recharge seconds formula:

600/ (100 + reduces energy shield delay%)

for example, when a player has a 100% reduction energy shield delay, it takes only 3 seconds to recharge the energy shield.

  • related unique items to reduce energy shield delay:

soul strike

shavronne's wrappings

rime gaze


bated breath


armour only reduces physical damage, not elemental damage.

physical damage reduction is capped at 90%.

relative physical damage reduction = armour/ armour+ (10 * damage)

the 2.0 version is to change the original 12 to 10, which increases the benefit by about 18%, but only for the greater damage.


evading an attack prevents all damage and other harmful effects including status ailments and stun.

only melee and ranged attacks can be evaded; spells will automatically hit.

chance to evade can never be lower than 5%, nor higher than 95%.


dodge can only be achieved by talent and affixes on unique items.

dodge can be divided into physical and spells dodge. through talent and the ability of spells dodge on unique items, it can dodge spells damage.

  • the common calculation method of evade and dodge is chance

(prevent attack) = 1- (1 - evade chance) * (1 - dodge chance)

assuming a character has a 40% chance to evade and a 20% chance to dodge, a character has a 52% chance to prevent receiving a hit.

  • dodge related unique items

daresso's defiance

hyrri's ire

atziri's step

darkray vectors

mutewind seal

resistant to change

there are four kinds of resistance in the game 

fire, ice and lightning are element resistance, which can reduce element damage.

chaos resistance reduces the chaos damage, but it does not belong to element resistance.

the basic resistance of characters in general mode is 0%, the cruel mode is - 20%, and the merciless mode is - 60%.

the maximum resistance is 75%, but it can be altered by auras, talent, equipment, potion, etc.

  • uncapped resistances related unique items:

immortal flesh

aegis aurora


rise of the phoenix

saffell's frame

divination distillate

the rat cage

agnerod south

blocking players are not harmed when the blocking is successful.

additional block chance can be gained from tempest, maelstrom staff, dual wielding and more. 

talent can enhance block chance, but different types of blocking need to be added through different talents.

for example, dual wielding does not improve the staff blocking chance.

in an unspecified situation, the blocking displayed on equipment is the attack block chance, which can be increased or converted to spell block chance through talent and unique items.

players have a certain amount of animation time at each block, similar to the stiffness time after the block. this time can be reduced through the block recovery affix (including block stun recovery%) to reduce the length of the blocking animation.

  • blocking recovery calculation (milliseconds):

block duration = 350/ (1 + block and stun recovery + block recovery)

  • spell blocking related unique items:

the anvil

stone of lazhwar

the bringer of rain

rathpith globe

saffell's frame

wings of entropy

ungil's gauche

prismatic eclipse

hegemony's era

mark of the doubting knight

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