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path of exile item re-roll

poe functional currency for items re-roll (color, sockets, links, vaules)

re-roll color of sockets

to re-roll the color of sockets on an item, you need the currency item - chromatic orb. there are several rules for re-rolling the color of sockets on items:

using the chromatic orb to re-roll color, the probability of rolling a color is related to the attributes of the equipment being altered. red sockets for strength, green sockets for dexterity, and blue sockets for intelligence. for example, equipment only has strength attribute will the most likely to roll red socket.

in addition, the attribute requirements also affect the probability of rolling a color. the higher the attribute requirements, the more likely it is to roll the relevant color! for example, although the thousand ribbons only has intelligence, because of its low intelligence, roll the red socket and the green socket. the chances are still very high, and shavronne's wrappings with high intelligence is hard to roll red and green sockets.


re-roll number of sockets

to re-roll the number of sockets on a weapon or piece of armour, you need the currency item - jeweller's orb. the first thing about re-roll the number of sockets on one item is to know the maximum number of sockets for each item:

maximum number of sockets by equipment type

most belts, amulets, rings and quivers do not have sockets. exceptions are unset ring, black maw talisman, and stygian vise.

one-handed weapons and shields can have up to 3 sockets

boots, helmets and gloves can have up to 4 sockets

body armours and two-handed weapons can have up to 6 sockets

maximum number of sockets by item level (refer to the item level)

1 socket: ilv 1

2 sockets: ilv 1

3 sockets: ilv 15

4 sockets: ilv 28

5 sockets: ilv 35

6 sockets: ilv 50

regarding the chance of rolling number of sockets, producer chris has published a set of data in reddit, and after the 1.2 revision, the master will also provide the re-roll service by paying with jeweller’s orb.

the following is a comparison of two sets of data:

number of sockets

prices of master craft sockets

(jeweller's orb)

chance of re-roll

(official announced)

price calculated with chance
























officials say that the fees charged by the master are close to but slightly higher than the actual average cost, which seems to be close to the officially published data. in addition, when the socket is re-rolled, the rarity of the item is higher, the additional success rate of roll the number of socket can be increased. the producer seemly mentioned that 20% of the quality will probably double the chance, but don't forget that the quality will be zero every time you roll.


re-roll link of sockets

it is a dream for many players to use orb of fusing to complete the six-link. when you personally modify the linked sockets top six-link, you will also get a special achievement, but roll and roll, sad again and again, how many players are bankrupt for it. six-link is really not an achievement that usually takes a few currencies to complete. the average currency of the international players is about 1200~1800 orb of fusing. the game producer does not announce the probability of re-roll 6-link, but in version 1.2 the masters start offering paid link services, which can be seen here:

number of links

link prices of master

(orb of fusing)











so as far as the official statement is concerned, the fees charged by the master are close to but slightly higher than the actual average cost, so the previous 1200~1800 is also within the acceptable range. maybe you will want to say that since the actual probability is lower than 1500, why would anyone want to spend this money to maters? the reason is very simple, because the probability is average. as long as someone can go from 200 orb of fusing to six-link, it means that he saved 1300. somewhere in the world, there may be a contestant who gets 6-link with the number of orb of fusing more than the average. in fact, on reddit, there were really players who used thousands of orb of fusing but not got 6-link. so if you ask him to roll one more time, i think he would like to pay maters for it.


re-roll values of the implicit modifiers

blessed orb and divine orb can modify the affix number on the item. the blessed orb modifies prefixes. this is simply because the range of the prefixes is very fixed and simple, but the divine orb part may be more complicated. the divine orb modifies the suffix of the equipment, and the scope of the modification is sometimes not what the player imagined. this is mainly related to the rules of the affixes.

here are life affixes of necklaces:

ilv: 5 data: (10~19) (healthy)

ilv: 11 data: (20~29) (sanguine)

ilv: 18 data: (30~39) (stalwart)

ilv: 24 data: (40~49) (stout)

ilv: 30 data: (50~59) (robust)

ilv: 36 data: (60~69) (rotund)

ilv: 44 data: (70~79) (virile)

if you have a rare necklace of ilv45 with +38 life, how much life do you think you can modify with the highest data of the divine orb?

the answer is not 79, but 39

the reason is that this necklace with the original +38 life proves that its has reached the (stalwart) affix of +(30~39), so if you want to modify this in the future, you can only roll the value between 30~39 (stalwart). however if you want to re-roll the life of the necklace to +79, you must have an affix of virile (70~79) before modifying it, so that you have a chance to roll +79 life.

the above is mainly about the confusion that may be encountered when re-rolling affixes for magic and rare items. for unique items, it is not so complicated. if the value in the database is floating, it means that the value of the interval can be modify, but if no range value is displayed, it means that its value is fixed and cannot be changed.

all affixes can be referred to the affix database


craft affixes

crafting an affix or re-rolling affix on an item is a main way for upgrading or even making the ultimate unique item in this game. players are advised to first understand the types of affixes available for each item in the affix database and the relevance of the item level to the affix. after a general understanding, you can start the big battle with your luck. orb of transmutation, orb of augmentation, orb of alteration are most demanded to normal players, used to re-roll maps, potions or chests, or exchange jewellers orb, orb of fusing.

chaos orb, exalted orb are main trading currency items in path of exile, they also have intrinsic value used for craft and for zana mods etc. whether to use the intrinsic value of the two currency items needs to consider the player's tolerance for risk, and the so-called risk calculation. spending chaos orb on re-rolling is basically a luck game in luck, while using exalted orb to crafting is an investment in high-priced assets.

in the 1.3 revision, with the master crafting system introduced, the difficulty of making the unique equipment has been greatly reduced by buying the crafting additional affixes service from master.

in the 2.0 revision, because eternal orb drops in the game, it means that it is more difficult to make the unique items by hand.

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