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poe item level

path of exile item level system

item level (ilv)

all items in path of exile have two level statistics, the "level requirement" is displayed on the item, and the "item level" is a hidden statistic.

  • you can check out the item level of an item in the following ways:

hover with the mouse over the item and press alt to see the item level of an item.

lift the item onto the cursor, and type the /itemlevel command into the chat box, while the item is held on the cursor. the item level will be reported in chat.

move the cursor to an item and press ctrl+c. at this point, the item information has been copied to the scrapbook. then switch out of the game and open a text file to paste the content. you can see the item level and some information of the item.

  • item level generation

all skill gems have an item level of 1

all items dropped by monsters, the item level depends on the level of the map and the rarity of the monster:

item level of normal white monsters drop items = map level (monster level of the area)

item level of magic blue monster drop items = map level +1 (monster level +1)

item level of rare yellow monster drop items = map level +2 (monster level +2)

item level of unique gold monsters drop items = map level +2 (monster level +2)

therefore, in the monster level 52 of the area, the level of items dropped by the magic monster is 53, and the level of the rare monster is 54.

item level of the items dropped by chests = map level

for the item level of quest reward items, please refer to the quest rewards in the quest database.

item levels of the items created using a vendor recipe = level of the lowest item level on the recipe (unless there are special notes)

item level for all race reward items = 100 (including white)

  • item level and level requirement

equipment requirement level = the lowest item level that this item may appear

for example, the bronze gauntlets with a level requirement of 23, its lowest item level is ilv23, so:

level 1~20 monsters will not drop the bronze gauntlets

level 23 normal monster has a chance to drop ilv 23 bronze gauntlets

level 60 normal monster has the opportunity to drop the ilv 60 bronze gauntlets

item level effect

  • affect affix level

in the affix database, the affixes listed with ilv at the beginning, is the item level. the higher the item level, the higher the affix is attached. if the item level is too low, only the lower affix can be attached.

  • affect level requirement (affected by affixes)

when an item is affixed, if the affix is higher than the level requirement of the item, the item's level requirement is increased. suppose an ilv52 ahkeli's meadow has several affixes attached to the blue or gold. the highest affix in these affixes is 48, and the item's level requirement is changed from 10 to 48.

  • affect sockets

first, let me talk about number of sockets in each item:

up to 3 sockets: one-handed weapon, shield

up to 4 sockets: helmet, gloves, boots

up to 6 sockets: two-handed weapon, chest

relationship between item level and maximum number of sockets:

item level needed for number of sockets (research ongoing)

1 socket : 1

2 sockets: 1

3 sockets: 15

4 sockets: 28

5 sockets: 35

6 sockets: 50

in summary, chest and two-handed weapons with an item level of 50 or higher can have 6 sockets. for helmets, gloves, and boots with an item level lower than 28, can never hit 4 sockets. therefore, you must confirm if the item level matches you want before buying anything in the market.

  • affect vendor recipe

the full set of rare items vendor recipe uses item level to determine what reward to give. when the player puts together a set of equipment to sell to the vendor store, the item level will determine the exchanged currency. the 60+ level or higher can be exchanged for chaos orb, and the above 75 is for the regal orb. in addition, when making an item, the finished item level will be based on the lowest item level on the recipe. even if the recipe is not worth anything, don't mess it up to avoid getting the created item with too low item level. (for more details, please refer to the vendor recipe introduction)

item level affects

in the ambush league of the 1.10 version, players can share the chest affixes with item level +n, which may affect some of the formulas mentioned above. if a strongbox with an affix of item level + n, its contained items with a level equal to the map level + n. in addition, if the strongbox has an affix with a number of sockets +1, it will also affect the number of equipment sockets listed above.

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