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poe race events

race events and league ladders

the season race of path of exile is a short-lived mini-league. this series of leagues mainly presents short-term competitions. the game will continue to have various seasonal competitions for players to participate in, as short as 12 minutes, as long as several hours. players who want to participate in the competition can start a character in these leagues 30 minutes before the start, and then start a short-term game. these competitions mainly test the players to achieve the most achievements or achieve the highest level in the game in a very short time. players can accumulate competition points and get awards. most of the competitions are expert mode, and some are betrayal league that is abandoned after the competition.

hardcore league race

most of the games on general maps belong to this mode.

when the character dies, the character and the items on it will return to the permanent standard league.

after the race, the living characters and all the items will return to permanent hardcore league.

betrayal league race

betrayal league have special settings, they have their own set of rules, item accessibility and aftermath, most of them have special maps and even no villages (such as desent, endless ledge).

after the death of the character or the end of the competition, the created character can no longer continue to use, but can only be deleted.

the significance of the betrayal league is that the official can adjust the items dropping rate in this mode, or put a treasure box to give players a large amount of currencies to equip them to increase the fun of competition. but because the currencies amount is very big, if you can bring back to the permanent league, it will have a great impact on the economy, so after the end of this special race, all the characters and items will be directly discarded, and the players can delete these characters in the list but no longer to use.

the following are the settings of various race leagues:

some races overlap different modes, such as ancestral + turbo + multiple projectile.

  • ancestral

areas other than towns will have many ancestral to give your enemies a variety of boost effects, or even try to kill you.

hardcore league

there are many ancestrals.

  • blood sacrifice blood magic support

all exiles participating in the bloodlines league have the same skills as blood sacrifice, removing magic and using life as an alternative of cast.

hardcore league

players permanent magic.

  • turbo

all monsters in turbo league have 60% faster attack speed, casting speed and moving speed.

hardcore league

moving speed, attack speed, casting speed + 60%.

  • lethal

all monsters in lethal league will increase 50% damage, and extra 50% fire, ice and lighting damage.

hardcore league

monster increases 50% damage.

increased damage with fire, ice, lightning damage.

  • no projectiles

in no projectiles league, the projectiles emitted by exiles through skills and attacks do not cause any damage.

hardcore league

players are not allowed to use projectiles.

  • multiple projectile

all the monsters in the multiple projectile league will have four additional projectiles when launching projectiles through skills and attacks.

hardcore league

increase the number of monster projections

  • famine

in famine league, exiles will not be able to fill with life, mana, energy shields, and potion charges when enter the town.

hardcore league

in villages, potions, shields, blood, mana are not automatically recovered.

  • immolation

in immolation league, the physical damage caused by exiles and monsters will be converted into fire damage, and monsters will leave fire on the ground when they die.

hardcore league

the monster's physical damage will convert to fire damage.

when a monster dies, it burns the ground.

  • fixed seed

in fixed seed league, all exiles will be mapped on the same terrain as others, and the mini map will be opened automatically.

hardcore league

all players use the same map.

all maps and transfer points are displayed directly without exploration.

  • rogue

in rogue league, there will be a variety of ferocious exiles live in the map.

hardcore league

there is a exile on each map.

  • fracturing

in fracturing league, non unique monsters will be split into several replicas when they die.

hardcore league

monster splitting

  • solo

hardcore league

the character to be unable to interact with other characters.

  • boss kill 

hardcore league

a certain amounts of points can be obtained by killing a designated boss within a limited time.

  • exile everywhere

hardcore league

there are 20 exiles on each map.

  • cut-throat

hardcore league

pvp mode is available

non-teammate players can attack and kill each other as enemies

double the number of players that a map can accommodate and you can access to other people's maps.

when the character dies, it ejects everything.

killing other players gains his experience.

all difficulties death experience loss penalty + 30%

  • desent

betrayal league

special maps, no village.

there will be a special chest containing gems and basic weapons at the beginning of the race.

there will be a golden monster and two chests at the exit of each map. many different items can be obtained by opening the chests.

  • descent champions

betrayal league

special maps, no village.

there were two special chests containing special unique items at the beginning of the race.

two chests appear at the beginning of some maps, and many different items can be obtained when the boxes are opened.

some maps are guarded by the boss, who must be defeated before going to the next map.

  • endless ledge

betrayal league

special maps, no village.

there will be a special chest containing gems and basic weapons at the beginning of the race.

each map is a long and narrow one-way ledge with lots of monsters.

event race

a special one month league officially organized from time to time, sometimes for fund-raising charities and sometimes for independent competitions outside the season.

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