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Life and Mana Leech

Mana Regeneration, Life Regeneration, Life Leech, Mana Leech 

Mana Regeneration 

Each character’s base Mana regeneration rated is 105% per minute of the maximum magic value. Players can increase the mana regeneration rated through additional talent, equipment and skills. For example, after talent point 40% mana regeneration rate, the regeneration efficiency is: 105% * 1.4 = 147% (per minute)

Life Regeneration

All characters’ base regeneration rate is 0 which can be increased through talent, equipment and skills.

Life Leech

The life efficiency is 20% life limit/second every time a player leeches. If you have 1000 life, leeching 600 life at an attack, it will regenerate 200 life per second for 3 seconds, and life regeneration will stop when your life reaches its maximum.

Mana Leech

The role is the same as life leech, leeching efficiency is 12.5, magic limit/per second.