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poe master of the arena - leo

path of exile master - leo, master of the arena


master of the arena was one of the eight forsaken masters. based on his pride and self-esteem, he calls himself a "master of the arena" and reorganizes the arena of fighters that the eternal empire yearned for so long ago that exiles can prove their strength and glory through competition. unlike the other masters, the master leo doesn't need to be encountered in the wild' first. he resides in the sarn encampment by default. he also doesn't count towards the limit of masters in the player's hideout. his vendor reset condition is somewhat different from other masters, as it resets upon accepting his daily quest rather than after finishing the quest.

hideout: overgrown hideout

service: cannot roll mods with required level above 28 (suffix)

special prefixed items: (5 to 15)% increased damage 

currency discount: 40×orb of regret for 64×orb of scouring

location after completion of task: sarn encampment


leo's daily missions involve completing a specific objective in one pvp game-mode (1v1 or sarn arena) within your league. his dailies are always the same for everyone across all leagues that day, and can be completed using pvp-only characters. his offered quests always follow the same pattern: 


win a 1v1 match.

win a round of a 1v1 match without using any flasks.

win a 1v1 match as the ranger, the marauder, or the witch.

win a 1v1 match as the duelist, the shadow, the templar, or the scion.

sarn arena

kill another player in sarn arena.

survive for 180 seconds in the sarn arena without dying.

kill two players in the sarn arena within 10 seconds.

kill 3 other players in the sarn arena without dying

master level 

when the master upgrades, different services will be unlocked.

after inviting the master to the hideout you can enjoy his crafting service. as the master levels up, more crafting options will be unlocked. 

level experience service offer
can be invited to the player's hideout and provide the service

offer hideout: overgrown hideout

sells decorations

411,240special affixed items, increase(5 to 15)% damage

able to create a large hideout (3 masters)

sell an identified item

76,040currency discount: 20 orb of scouring for 40 orb of regret
7197,710 able to create a large hideout (4 masters), sell a item above 60 levels
8514,030sell a unique item

master crafting 

after inviting a master to the hideout, you can enjoy his crafting service. as the master levels up, more crafting options will be unlocked.

hideout decorations

master level imagedecorationcost
full armour stand  3500
bow rack3500
round weapon rack19000
highgate weapon rack120000
body armour stand 1100
helmet stand 1100
sitting lion statue7700
sleeping lion statue 1350
standing lion statue 52000

golden lion statue  355000

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