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poe parting system

path of exile parting system

how to team up in path of exile?

1. press s to open the social window in the game

2. click create party and “enter a character name” you want to invite on party invite, click search

3. if there is no friend you can team up, you can join public parties by clicking on the notice board in town. 

4. after creating party successfully, members of the party are shown on the left, you can see their avatar and life

monster life

normal difficulty: monsters gain 20% extra life for each additional party member

cruel difficulty: monsters gain 40% extra life for each additional party member

merciless difficulty: monsters gain 60% extra life for each additional party member

monsters will not be harder to stun/freeze/etc when fighting in a party, since the original life amount is used for the purposes of determining the length of stuns and status ailments.


bonuses to item rarity or quantity from modifiers on player gear are only counted from the player who lands the killing blow. this bonus is multiplicative with any player bonuses to rarity/quantity.

item: 10% increase in item quantity and 40% item rarity for each additional team member

currency: 50% increase in item quantity and 0% item drop rarity for each additional team member

the above chance do not apply to a non-unique map dropping

chance of non-unique map dropping

non-unique maps are the only exceptions in the dropping chance for party size.

displayed in the official narrative:

the player's equipment doesn’t the chance of a non-unique map dropping.

party size doesn’t affect the chance of a non-unique map dropping.

they are only affected by the quantity and rarity bonuses provided by the map they are dropped inside of.


the experience gained when teaming up will be divided equally among the party members. in addition, the difference calculation or experience penalty will be made due to the difference between the teammate level and the monster level. when the party members have differences in character levels, the following formula will be used to calculate the sharing ratio:

player x's "share" = (playerlevel + 10)^ 2.71

for example, a level 10 player is teamed with a level 30 player:

player x's "share" of the level 10 player is (10+10)^2.71 = 3355

player x's "share" of the level 30 player is (30+10)^2.71 = 21957


percentual share of experience for level 10 players: 3355/(3355+21957) = 13.2%

percentual share of experience for level 30 players: 21957/(3355+21957) = 86.7%

in addition, the player will be punished for the difference in level with the monster. the experience penalty formula:

experience ratio = ((playerlevel +5)^1.5) / ((playerlevel +5+ (efficiency difference parameter ^2.5))^1.5)

simply put, if a character does not want to gain experience penalty, there is a safe level range where no penalty is applied, which is equal to three plus one for every sixteen complete player levels. so a level 24 character has a safe zone of 4 levels. any additional level difference in excess of this safe range is the effective level difference. so from monster level 20 to 28, there is an effective difference of 0; at monster levels 19 and 29, the effective difference is 1.

when teaming up, monsters will increase difficulty due to party size, but the number of team members will not increase the experience of the monsters. the experience sharing of teammates killing monsters is limited to nearby teammates (approximately two screen distances). mainly to encourage team players to skill together, instead of playing own after partying!

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