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poe unique items

path of exile unique items analysis 

special existence

unique items are defined in the poe as (the highest rarity change of a basic item). every legendary item has it’s corresponding basic item type. the capability of equipment is roughly the same as the normal items. what’s different is that these legendary will be given special name, special appearance, and special affix, the unique items in the game are not intended to transcend the existence of rare yellow equipment, but to be the key equipment that provides affixes. enable players match up with more distinctive genres and unexpected gameplay.

in addition to the official design of legendary equipment, officials also allow players to create legends, if you become the diamond sponsor($1000) in the international version last beta($1500) or become the permanent sponsor in the open beta or create rights to buy unique items($1000), then you can participate in designing and manufacturing unique items. 

up to 1.15 version, there are around 250 unique items, 94 of them are designed by poe players.

how to get unique items

  • drop from game

for items dropped in the game, most unique items can be dropped by playing games, players can make preliminary judgement based on level requirements of unique items and the base level of the item. in theory, as long as most of unique items will drop out of the base of the legendary item, and the item level is greater than the legendary level requirement, there is possible to drop the legendary item. such as popular maligaro's virtuosity has grade limit and the base grade of 21 levels, so there is a chance to drop out of these equipment by playing 21 or playing monsters above 20 levels.

the connection between monsters drop items and items grade can refer to the item level.

part of unique items will deviate from the drop rule due to some certain unique settings, which can be seen in the following explanation.

  • drop from exclusive maps

a few unique items level have been adjusted, these unique items level may exceed the map level on the general story maps, so they won’t drop in story map. they will drop by to opening a higher map through the map props and hitting higher level monsters. make them become what everyone says “ map drop limit” unique items. (many adjustments have been made to this series of items since the 2.0 version. so the earlier information is not realistic. in fact, it is unknown how much it actually is).

  • drop from exclusive monsters

the following unique items are limited drop by “queen vaal”. more details can be referred to the vaal system.

atziri’s step

atziri’s promise

doryani’s invitation

doryani’s catalyst

the following unique items are limited by the exclusive drop of “queen vaal”. 

atziri’s acuity

atziri’s splendour 

atziri’s disfavour

the vertex 

the following unique items are limited drop by “legion series monsters”.

brinerot mark

brinerot flag

brinerot whalers

mutewind seal

mutewind pennant 

mutewind whispersteps 

redblade banner

redblade band

steppan tramplers

steppan eard

broken faith

the pariah

  • make limited unique items 

below 2 unique items can only be obtained through manufacture, more details can be referred to the manufacturing recipe.

the goddess scorned 

the taming 

  • challenge league exclusive unique items 

every challenge league will have its own qualified unique items. players have a chance to get these unique items while playing games in challenge league. but when the challenge league is over, the difficulty of getting these limited unique items will rise. after that you must open specific challenge league through map masters to get the items, or use some fake card for random exchange, or wait until the official release them as prizes in certain competitions. more details can be referred to league system.

  • special anniversary items

international version last beta special rewards, which won’t drop in the game.

demigod’s presence

  • race reward items

special rewards that will be offered during the races, which won’t drop in the game.

demigod’s triumph 

demigod’s bounty

demigod’s touch

demigod’s eye 

demigod’s stride 

demigod’s beacon

winds of change

ascent from flesh 

demigod’s dominance 

  • crafting with orb of chance

there is chance to get magic, rare and unique items by using orb of chance to click basic items. there is a chance to turn it into a legend associated with the item(several special restrictions will be mentioned later). for example, you may get “advariu” by click orb of chance to a “golden ring”, get legendary through the orb of chance can ignore the items level. so we have chance to get high level unique items by using low-grade white equipment. but all this still returns to the question of probability, it’s not easy to get unique items by using orb of chance, the point loading rate is still a mystery. in the process of clicking should also pay attention to that more than one legendary item may appear in the same basic item. there may be two or more legendary changes in the same basic item, even the legendary item you get is not what you want.

at present, it’s known that below unique items won’t come out by clicking orb of chance.

ringleader drops limited items

challenge league exclusive items

special anniversary items 

race rewards items 

  • redeem unique items with divination card 

divination card imported after 2.0 version, players can collect divination card to exchange for specified or random unique items.

the rarity of unique items 

not every legendary item has the same drop rate, there are classes between unique items. official mentioned this internal setting when adjusting the items drop rate in 1.13 version:

general levels: the unique items which are most often dropped and helpful to starter players for upgrade, such shiversting.

rare levels: drop rate are slightly slower, and such unique items can be used to create some special genres, such as the three dragons.

rare levels: this level item is already a very unusual unique items, including some late-stage equipment, powerful master equipment, such as bino’s kitchen knife.

treasure level: the precious items that the players pursue throughout his life, such as kaom’s heart、shavronne’s wrappings、song of the sirens.

other provisions

unique items may have their mod values rerolled using blessed or divine orbs. some mods, however, have static values and can’t be changed. about what is a variable value can refer to the unique item database information.

mirrors of kalandra?and orbs of scouring can’t be used on unique items. 

unique items can be used a vaal orb, the effect is the same as other items, there is a chance to obtain vaal affix, but also return the unique equipment into a random yellow equipment which is the only way to ruin a unique equipment.

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