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poe vaal system

introduction of path of exile vaal system

vaal system

the vaal system is imported into the core of path of exile in the 1.10 chapter "the vaal sacrifice". the main purpose is the queen of the vaal , who dominates the vaal civilization, appears again in the wraeclast world and corrupts the land with her power, affecting the areas, items and monsters in the game.

corrupted area ( vaal side area)

entrances to corrupted areas will randomly appear in field areas outside all maps. each corrupted area is a small map, the affix of the map can be seen at the entrance (similar to the map affix of the weakened version).

there are a certain number of beasts and a leader in the corrupted area. the leader has his own special fighting mode. after the corrupted area boss has been defeated, the vaal vessel near him can be opened and randomly get the vaal skill gems or vaal fragments.

drops probability:

50% for a random vaal skill gem

20% for sacrifice at dusk

15% for sacrifice at dawn.

10% for sacrifice at noon

5% for sacrifice at midnight

atziri, queen of the vaal

atziri is the challenging boss added to the modified version, when the players collected these four sacrifice fragments at the corrupted areas:

sacrifice at dusk

sacrifice at midnight

sacrifice at noon

sacrifice at dawn

put them in the map device of the lab or hidden place, the level 70 the apex of sacrifice map, the game method is the same as a general map in poe, with only six doors to challenge. before the queen, there will be two powerful leaders one after another need to defeat. after knocked them down, you can go to the last room to challenge atziri. if the queen of the vaal was killed successfully, you can get the dropped exclusive items.

atziri will always drop one of the following poe unique items:

atziri's step

doryani's invitation

atziri's promise

doryani's catalyst

she also has a chance to drop an unique base chest piece:

sacrificial garb

in addition, she can also drop one of the following vaal fragments:

mortal rage

mortal hope

mortal ignorance

mortal grief

uber atziri, queen of the vaal

in the absence of official disclosure, it took a while for players to discover that there was a stronger uber atziri behind atziri. collected a group of four different pieces of mortal fragments could open the lv80 the alluring abyss map to challenge the uber atziri. the terrain and content were similar to the genaral map. the difference was that the beasts in the map took off at level 80 and added three map affixes:

+100% monster damage

+100% monster blood

+200% items quantity

there always will be a unique item dropped after the uber atziri defeated:

atziri's acuity 

atziri's splendour 

atziri's disfavour 

the vertex 

vaal orb

vaal orb is a new path of exile currency introduced into the documentary. it can be used through corruption. the corrupted items will have unpredictable conditions and special changes. the ordered items will no longer be able to use any poe currency (including replies to the rubbings of eternal orbs). the corrupted items will be marked with red letters.

corrupted items can randomly produce one of the following changes:

corrupted equipment

turn one or more sockets into white sockets(white sockets can use all colors gems).

reroll the item into a new six affixes item with randomized color and number of sockets, links and affixes. in this case, there is a 1/36 chance the item will have 6 sockets and 6 links (if the number of other corrupted effects is included, the probability is 1/144). add a vaal affix to the item, and the vaal affix will be attached to the preaffix position of the item. if the item has an preaffix, the vaal affix will replace the preaffix of the item. each piece of equipment will have at most one vaal affix. 

no changes after corruption (in this case it is still be regarded as corrupted and the currencies can't be used on it)

corrupted map

upgrading or downgrading a level of the a map to a new map, this is the only way to get a vaal temple map in the game.

reroll the map affixes into a rare map with eight affixes.

unidentify the item, retaining its affixes and quantity bonus. unidentified magic or rare maps receive a 30% bonus quantity. 

no changes after corruption (in this case it is still be regarded as corrupted and the currencies can't be used on it)

corrupted skill gems

upgrading or downgrading a level of the path of exile skill gems, by this way, there is an chance to upgrade the level 20 gems to level 21 gems.

the effect is to raise the current status, not to improve permanent upper limit. if you touch the level 18 gems to level 19, you can only practice to level 20.

add or subtract 1-10 quality. poe gems can have up to 23% quality this way. 

change the normal skill to its corresponding vaal skill.( e.g. change haste to vaal haste)

no changes after corruption (in this case it is still be regarded as corrupted and the currencies can't be used on it)

corrupted strongboxes

vaal orb can also be used to turn a strongbox in the wild.

some or all of the items within the strongbox will become corrupted.

vaal skill gems

vaal skill is a variation of the general skill. players can open the vaal vessel and randomly acquire a kind of vaal skill gem, or change the skill into the corresponding vaal skill by using vaal orb. vaal skill will have certain differences from the original skill characteristics. vaal skill can't be used as unrestricted as general skill. before using vaal skill, its gem must first be charged by collecting souls. once a vaal skill collects a sufficient number of souls, it is charged with one use. some skills can be stored multiple times. others need to be recharged every time they are used.

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