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Animal Crossing Nook Points Breakdown - How To Get Nook Points Items In New Horizons

4/6/2021 11:25:43 AM

Nook points are something we didn't know we wanted until they were announced. That poster that we've been staring at in Resident Services? You can have that now. Anything that adds a little bit more for us, we are down for. And it's cool stuff that we haven't had access to, some of it even things we've seen in the game. So, how do the points work?

 Nook Points APP 

Well, there aren’t any official guidelines. If you have Nintendo Switch Online, make sure you're opening the NSO app on your phone every day to collect your Nook Points. This is where the app likes to play with you. Most of the time, you'll get to collect your 10 points, see a little fortune from Katrina, and you're done for the day. Well, sometimes you'll be lucky enough to get a multiplier on your Nook Points. You can get a 2 times multiplier and get 20 points in a good day, but there have also been some people saying that they've even gotten 3 times the points. And because the app hasn't even been out for a week as of the writing of this script, it's impossible to figure out how often you'll get a point multiplier. It's a nice surprise when it does happen. 


 Nook Points Items 

The items that you can redeem your points for aren't lame either. We knew about the Nook Inc. poster from the tweet last month, but Nintendo didn't show off anything else. Granted, data miners found the stuff when the new update came out. but it was still a fun surprise to see the cool items we could get. As of right now, there are six items that you can redeem your Nook Points for. For those of us who like to collect villager, photos will be happy to see that we can get more! Isabelle, Nook, and Timmy, and Tommy photos can be redeemed as well as our cool Animal Crossing Switch carrying case, the poster, and a lovely doorplate. These rewards probably will be rotated out now and then. It takes a total of 410 points to redeem everything currently in the app. Ten points a day for an entire month is at least 300 points. That is without any point multipliers and only if you log on and collect your points every day. It would take a month and a half of never missing a day to get everything, these rewards will probably rotate every few months or so. Just enough time to let people grab stuff before it disappears forever without having to religiously get your points every day. Or they could go the Nook Shopping seasonal tab route where different items rotate in while old ones stick around for a limited amount of time. This is all assuming that there will be different rewards. They might add more in the future eventually, seeing as this new feature would be completely useless after a little more than a month. There are so many possibilities for what they could add here that we can't even predict it. The ACNH community would love to see items from the game that we don't have access to, like the Nook Inc. poster. The unattainable furniture items in the game that we see every day, Isabelle's drink, her notebook, the printer in the back of resident services, Sable's family pictures, more special character photos, the list goes on and on. The possibilities are practically endless. If you don't have Nintendo Switch online, you're gonna have to meet up with people in real life that do and use the lovely local play feature to be able to acquire the app's exclusive items. So, if you know anyone that doesn't want to pay for the service, be a nice friend, do them a favor, give them cool stuff. 

Nook points hold so much potential. Nintendo is giving us a little extra for our membership. It’s exciting to see what will come in the future. Hopefully, the items won't be at a standstill for too long and we'll get a variety of items added somewhat soon, and click here to see more!

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