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ACNH Brewster 2021 Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons Museum Cafe Predictions

4/6/2021 11:39:10 AM

Since the data mined discovery a few months ago, players are always expecting the return of Brewster. Even though New Horizons has gone through lots of updates from its release, we still have not gotten Brewster and his cafe. As the last update of ACNH is 1.9, we speculated the next ACNH update would be 2.0. It’s very likely that the ACNH 2.0 update could be huge, and there is a good chance for the returning of Brewster and the addition of a museum cafe. Then what would be included in ACNH Brewster 2021 Update (Museum Upgrade)?

acnh brewster 2021

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ACNH Brewster 2021 Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons Museum Cafe Predictions

The data mines have discovered the information about Brewster, he is one of the most popular missing characters for New Horizons, it’s the perfect time for Brewster to return with the ACNH 2.0 update. According to the data miner, the roost will be coming into the museum as a new sort of museum shop. Nintendo did not confirm it, but with the number of people wanting him and previous games that he has been, there is a great chance for Brewster cafe to be added. Once any official information available, goldkk.com will get you updated here. 

Who is Brewster and Where is He?

Brewster is a pigeon who was introduced back in Animal Crossing Wild World working at a 24/7 coffee shop called the roost and back in the old games which were Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf. He would serve you coffee once a day and you could even work there for a part-time job and give villagers coffee. Brewster is also good friends with Blathers as in City Folk he worked in the basement of the museum, in New Leaf, Blathers mentions Brewster and calls him a friend.

The Chance of Brewster Returning in New Horizons

Nintendo's route for New Horizons was to mainly do events update for the first year like Halloween, after this March, all the events will be in the game, so that only leaves one option left: add missing characters like Brewster, after the one-year anniversary, Nintendo is going to release some more updates with the addition of characters, so it would have to be Brewster. 

Unlike the previous update, Nintendo did not reveal a trailer for the 1.9 version, so there are not any hints or information about the dates and contents included in the next update. Maybe Nintendo has not prepared for a huge update, we can expect something in May. 

When Will Brewster Return to New Horizons? 

It’s a good time for Brewster to be added in the 2.0 update of New Horizons, but there are also some players who think Brewster will come this fall and specifically September because Brewster serves coffee which is piping hot.

ACNH Brewster Update 2021 Predictions - Animal Crossing New Horizons Museum Cafe & Shop

Brewster has worked in the museum and he can do it again, but he will not have his own building because the dream suite building was removed, unless we get a huge museum renovation, there is absolutely no room for Brewster in a museum.

More than coffee, it’s possible for players to get soup, doughnuts, cans, and more ACNH items sold in the coffee shop. The data mine of museum cafe also has evidence of a museum shop, it’s not clear that we will be able to buy from it, but it could be a lot of things, for example, museum-related items like a display case, exhibition partition, and display stands as well as new floorings and wallpapers, this shop may also feature exhibition rooms that used to provide extra space for players. 

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