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ACNH Urban City Designs - ACNH Urban Island Ideas & City Custom Design Codes

4/22/2021 11:32:17 AM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, some players like rustic or cottagecore style island, while some players are in love with the Japanese urban city theme. The diversity of ACNH items for sale in the game can meet almost any of your needs. In addition, creative custom patterns from different players can add authenticity and beauty to your town. Here we collect a list of ACNH urban design codes featuring city streets, paths, roads, building details, and more, as well as the best ACNH city island ideas with brilliant thinking. 

ACNH Urban City Designs - Custom Animal Crossing New Horizons City Design Codes & Patterns

Modern street with traffic signs is the most marking design for an ACNH urban city island, tall buildings, doors, and windows are also common, to create a distinctive landscape, some players often build a train station, various food stalls, camper van, and more. For more realistic urban designs, you should make use of the tight space in New Horizons, put some appropriate items at the corner, entrance, top of the floor, or other places. Make outdoor vendors and public venues using custom stalls and public items like the public bench and garden bench. Custom urban paths and roads are essential, simple panels can also function in multiple ways.  

City lights custom design by @jlfury

acnh city design code 1

Japanese city balcony design by u/caspiantheghost

acnh city design code 2

Japanese city pipes design by u/caspiantheghost

acnh city design code 3

City road mid vert design by @Heavysewer

acnh city design code 4

City street design by @newroost

acnh city design code 5

Urban/rural kidcore panel designs by @KKatCosmicCove

acnh city design code 6

Urban city street tile set design @ZemekisG

acnh city design code 7

City chainlink design by jeamarie

acnh city design code 8

Train station design by Aqua

acnh city design code 9

Floor design by Johnt

acnh city design code 10

Karaoke design by Jem

acnh city design code 11

Broken window 

acnh city design code 12

ACNH street codes collection

ACNH Urban Island Ideas - ACNH City Design Ideas

Urban Car Park Design by chelleycrosses

This is a cute car park in an urban citycore theme island, with adorable cars and custom roads and paths. 

acnh urban idea 1

City Street Entrance by gigix_acnh

The entrance of city street is between tall buildings, there is also garbage beside, clothes rack on the top floor and more realistic designs. 

acnh urban idea 2

City Downtown neighborhood by flowerlie.island 

This is an urban city design with custom streets that hosts several modern apartment complexes, villager houses, cherry blossom trees, sitting area and more. 

acnh urban idea 3

Victorian Able Sisters by catland.isle

The gorgeous Victorian Able Sisters can be your one-stop shop for all your clothing needs, not only is it a tailor’s shop but also sells shoes and hats. The building behind the shop is also fantastic. Maybe you can create a European architecture inspired by it. 

acnh urban idea 4

Japanese City Street by samema.acnh

This is an ACNH Japanese theme city design with food stalls and a restaurant, custom tiles, and cherry blossom decors on the modern street. 

acnh urban idea 5

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