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ACNH Wedding Season & Event 2021 - How to Get All Wedding Items 2021 & Max Heart Crystals in ACNH

5/14/2021 11:29:56 AM

Along with the start of Summer, the Wedding Season is returning to New Horizons this year. Nintendo has revealed the date information and some new items in earlier days, in order to participate in the only big event in June 2021, follow us to learn about how to get all Animal Crossing Wedding Season items and how to get max heart crystals in our ACNH Wedding Event 2021 guide. 

acnh wedding event 2021

ACNH Wedding Season 2021 - How to Get All Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Items 2021?

Animal Crossing Wedding Season 2021 will run throughout the while June, June 1 to June 30. During the event, Harvey will invite players to his island and tells them he needs help with a photoshoot. If you go to Harv’s Island, you will be taken to a room with Cyrus and Reese, they will ask you to decorate the room to look like a wedding chapel and take an anniversary photo of the couple. Then you can get a Wedding-themed Animal Crossing item and some Heart Crystals with random quantity from Reese. The Heart Crystals can be used to exchange for more Wedding series furniture items with Cyrus. The photoshoot task can be repeated each day to unlock more items. Finally, Reese will ask for a wedding party, after that, you will receive a Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate and a Wedding Fence DIY recipe from Harvey, the next day, talk with Cyrus again, he will give you a Wedding Wand recipe. In Wedding Season 2021, not only are all last year's items available, the ACNH 1.10.0 free update also added more wedding-themed items obtainable through different ways. 

How to get all ACNH Wedding Season Items 2021?

There is a total of five ways to collect all the Wedding items for ACNH 2021.   

1. Items obtained from Cyrus using Heart Crystals: 

Wedding Bench (5 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Table (6 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Flower Stand (4 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Head Table (6 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Pipe Organ (40 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Arch (20 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Cake (5 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Candle Set (4 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Chair (3 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Decoration (3 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Welcome Board (5 Heart Crystals)

White Wedding Flooring (12 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Wall - White, Green, Brown (12 Heart Crystals)

Wedding-Party Wall (12 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Rug - White, Red, Blue (4 Heart Crystals)  

Bridal Veil (12 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Dress (20 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Pumps (6 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Shoes (6 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Tuxedo (20 Heart Crystals)

2. Items from DIY Crafting:

Wedding Wand (1×Wedding Flower Stand and 3×Star Fragment)

Wedding Fence (5×Iron Nugget and 3×Softwood)

3. Items from Able Sisters with ACNH bells include:



White Hakama with Crest 

4. Items from Nook Shopping with ACNH bells include:

Nuptial Bell

Nuptial Ring Pillow

Nuptial Doorplate

Flower-Petal Basket

5. Items obtained from Reese after decorated the wedding party:

Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate 

How to Get Max Heart Crystals in ACNH

If you want to get the majority of Wedding series furniture, you need to get more Heart Crystals. Once you get enough Heart Crystals, you can exchange up to 8 items each day. During the first six days of Wedding Season, you can get a maximum of 11 crystals each day, when you unlocked all the wedding items with the 7th photo, then from the seventh day to the last (thirtieth) day, you can get a maximum of 15 crystals per day, so you can obtain a total of 426 Heart Crystals during the Wedding event. Then how to maximize the Heart Crystals in ACNH?

1. Place a ton of the same items. If the first couple of days, when you are still unlocking all the stuff, you can fill up the room by simply putting the same furniture as many as possible inside to get the most Heart Crystals, for example, put 12 pieces of Wedding Decoration, you don't have to make it look well. 

2. Decorate the room according to the theme requested by Reese. In the subsequent days, all need to match the theme. When Reese names a theme for the daily photo, you should decorate the room using items that match the theme. Change the variation or customize the items to fit the theme, including the cute set, chic set, and garden set. If she asks for the chic set, you have to go in and manually change them all to color of chic set. 

3. Apply wall-mounted furniture to get additional crystals.

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