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Recipe Name Image Materials Needed Size Category Item Sell Price
Armor shoes Armor shoes 4x iron nugget Equipment 3000 bells
Bamboo flooring Bamboo flooring 15x bamboo piece Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 2400 bells
Bamboo hat Bamboo hat 10x clump of weeds Equipment 200 bells
Bamboo partition Bamboo partition 7x bamboo piece
6x Stone
Housewares 2020 bells
Bamboo wall Bamboo wall 15x bamboo piece Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 2400 bells
Barrel Barrel 5x wood
2x iron nugget
Housewares 2100 bells
Bonfire Bonfire 1x campfire
10x wood
Housewares 1230 bells
Bonsai shelf Bonsai shelf 1x cherry-blossom bonsai
1x pine bonsai tree
8x wood
Housewares 8460 bells
Clothesline Clothesline 10x tree branch Housewares 100 bells
Dark bamboo rug Dark bamboo rug 6x bamboo piece Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 960 bells
Deer scare Deer scare 3x bamboo piece
8x Stone
3x clump of weeds
Housewares 1740 bells
Fruit basket Fruit basket 1x apple
1x pear
1x cherry
1x orange
1x peach
Miscellaneous 1000 bells
Fruit wreath Fruit wreath 2x apple
1x pear
3x cherry
3x orange
1x peach
Wall-mounted 2000 bells
Gong Gong 6x iron nugget
5x wood
Housewares 5100 bells
Infused-water dispenser Infused-water dispenser 2x apple
2x pear
2x cherry
2x orange
2x peach
Miscellaneous 3000 bells
Iron armor Iron armor 8x iron nugget Equipment 6000 bells
Iron hanger stand Iron hanger stand 3x iron nugget Housewares 2250 bells
Ironwood DIY workbench Ironwood DIY workbench 12x wood
6x iron nugget
1x mini DIY workbench
Housewares 8520 bells
Ironwood table Ironwood table 12x wood
6x iron nugget
Housewares 5940 bells
Jail bars Jail bars 5x iron nugget Housewares 3750 bells
Kettle bathtub Kettle bathtub 8x iron nugget
2x wood
1x campfire
Housewares 6270 bells
Knight's helmet Knight's helmet 5x iron nugget Equipment 3750 bells
Lily record player Lily record player 5x white lilies
3x iron nugget
3x wood
Housewares 3010 bells
Log dining table Log dining table 15x hardwood Housewares 1800 bells
Modeling clay Modeling clay 2x clay Miscellaneous 400 bells
Pile of zen cushions Pile of zen cushions 3x zen cushion Housewares 750 bells
Pot Pot 5x clay Miscellaneous 1000 bells
Raccoon figurine Raccoon figurine 6x clay Housewares 1200 bells
Scarecrow Scarecrow 5x tree branch
5x clump of weeds
Housewares 130 bells
Sleigh Sleigh 8x wood Housewares 960 bells
Standard umbrella stand Standard umbrella stand 3x iron nugget Housewares 2250 bells
Tea table Tea table 12x hardwood Housewares 1440 bells
Tiki torch Tiki torch 5x tree branch
5x wood
Housewares 650 bells
Wild-wood wall Wild-wood wall 15x wood Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1800 bells
Wooden-plank sign 5x hardwood Wall-mounted 600 bells

Animal Crossing cranky DIY Recipes List

Here we list all 35 x Animal Crossing DIY Recipes that can be collected from cranky villagers, these ACNH DIY Recipes cover total 15 materials to gather for crafting related Animal crossing items.

As you know, we can obtain DIY Recipes with different characteristics from villagers of different personalities. You will have a 95% of chance to get the DIY recipe from cranky villagers specific to their personality, and a 5% of chance to obtain a DIY recipe from any villager. Then, according to the personality of cranky villagers, what kind of DIY Recipes can we obtain from the villagers? Here you can find all Animal Crossing cranky DIY Recipes, which will help you know if you should talk with him every day about a certain item.

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