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Recipe Name Image Materials Needed Size Category Item Sell Price
Bamboo bench Bamboo bench 8x bamboo piece Housewares 1280 bells
Bamboo floor lamp Bamboo floor lamp 8x bamboo piece Housewares 1280 bells
Bamboo sphere Bamboo sphere 3x bamboo piece Miscellaneous 480 bells
Classic-library wall Classic-library wall 10x book Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1450 bells
Cutting board Cutting board 2x hardwood
1x iron nugget
Miscellaneous 990 bells
Floral swag Floral swag 10x clump of weeds Wall-mounted 200 bells
Grass skirt Grass skirt 7x clump of weeds Equipment 140 bells
Grass standee Grass standee 2x wood
2x softwood
Housewares 480 bells
Hedge standee Hedge standee 2x wood
3x softwood
Housewares 600 bells
Knitted-grass backpack Knitted-grass backpack 20x clump of weeds Equipment 400 bells
Log bench Log bench 5x hardwood Housewares 600 bells
Log chair Log chair 8x hardwood Housewares 960 bells
Log decorative shelves Log decorative shelves 2x log bench
3x hardwood
Housewares 1560 bells
Log extra-long sofa Log extra-long sofa 2x log chair Housewares 1920 bells
Natural garden table Natural garden table 9x hardwood
3x iron nugget
Housewares 3330 bells
Natural square table Natural square table 4x hardwood
2x iron nugget
Housewares 1980 bells
Pansy table Pansy table 5x yellow pansies
3x hardwood
Housewares 760 bells
Peach chair Peach chair 10x peach
5x wood
Housewares 2600 bells
Peach dress Peach dress 8x peach Equipment 1600 bells
Peach hat Peach hat 5x peach Equipment 1000 bells
Peach rug Peach rug 6x peach Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1200 bells
Peach surprise box Peach surprise box 10x peach
4x softwood
Miscellaneous 2480 bells
Peach umbrella Peach umbrella 7x peach Equipment 1400 bells
Peach wall Peach wall 20x peach Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 4000 bells
Rocking horse Rocking horse 5x softwood Housewares 600 bells
Tiny library Tiny library 3x book
5x wood
Housewares 1035 bells
Traditional straw coat Traditional straw coat 8x clump of weeds Equipment 160 bells
Terrarium Terrarium 12x clump of weeds
2x iron nugget
Miscellaneous 1740 bells
Western-style stone Western-style stone 30x stone Housewares 4500 bells
Wooden-block bed Wooden-block bed 1x wooden-block toy
17x softwood
Housewares 2400 bells
Wooden-block chest Wooden-block chest 1x wooden-block toy
12x softwood
Housewares 1800 bells
Wooden-mosaic wall Wooden-mosaic wall 15x wood Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1800 bells
Wooden toolbox Wooden toolbox 4x softwood
2x iron nugget
Miscellaneous 1980 bells
Woodland wall Woodland wall 15x clump of weeds
9x softwood
Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1380 bells

Animal Crossing normal DIY Recipes List

Here we list all 34 x Animal Crossing DIY Recipes that can be collected from normal villagers, these ACNH DIY Recipes cover total 10 materials to gather for crafting related Animal crossing items.

As you know, we can obtain DIY Recipes with different characteristics from villagers of different personalities. You will have a 95% of chance to get the DIY recipe from normal villagers specific to their personality, and a 5% of chance to obtain a DIY recipe from any villager. Then, according to the personality of normal villagers, what kind of DIY Recipes can we obtain from the villagers? Here you can find all Animal Crossing normal DIY Recipes, which will help you know if you should talk with him every day about a certain item.

Animal Crossing

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