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Recipe Name Image Materials Needed Size Category Item Sell Price
Blue rose crown Blue rose crown 6x blue roses Equipment 12000 bells
Blue rose wreath Blue rose wreath 10x blue roses Wall-mounted 20000 bells
Chic cosmos wreath Chic cosmos wreath 10x black cosmos Wall-mounted 4800 bells
Chic mum crown Chic mum crown 3x purple mums
3x pink mums
Equipment 960 bells
Chic rose crown Chic rose crown 3x purple roses
3x black roses
Equipment 2880 bells
Chic tulip crown Chic tulip crown 2x purple tulips
2x pink tulips
1x orange tulips
Equipment 1440 bells
Chic windflower wreath Chic windflower wreath 10x purple windflowers Wall-mounted 4800 bells
Cool hyacinth crown Cool hyacinth crown 4x blue hyacinths
2x pink hyacinths
2x orange hyacinths
Equipment 1280 bells
Cool hyacinth wreath Cool hyacinth wreath 3x orange hyacinths
3x blue hyacinths
3x pink hyacinths
Wall-mounted 1440 bells
Cool pansy crown Cool pansy crown 3x orange pansies
3x blue pansies
Equipment 960 bells
Cool pansy wreath Cool pansy wreath 10x purple pansies Wall-mounted 4800 bells
Cool windflower crown Cool windflower crown 3x blue windflowers
3x pink windflowers
Equipment 960 bells
Cool windflower wreath Cool windflower wreath 3x blue windflowers
3x pink windflowers
3x white windflowers
Wall-mounted 1200 bells
Cosmos crown Cosmos crown 2x red cosmos
2x yellow cosmos
3x white cosmos
Equipment 480 bells
Cosmos wreath Cosmos wreath 3x yellow cosmos
3x white cosmos
3x red cosmos
Wall-mounted 720 bells
Cute lily crown Cute lily crown 2x pink lilies
2x orange lilies
2x white lilies
Equipment 800 bells
Cute rose crown Cute rose crown 3x pink roses
3x orange roses
Equipment 960 bells
Dark cosmos crown Dark cosmos crown 7x black cosmos Equipment 3360 bells
Dark lily crown Dark lily crown 6x black lilies Equipment 960 bells
Dark lily wreath Dark lily wreath 10x black lilies Wall-mounted 1600 bells
Dark rose wreath Dark rose wreath 3x black roses
6x purple roses
Wall-mounted 4320 bells
Dark tulip crown Dark tulip crown 5x black tulips Equipment 800 bells
Dark tulip wreath Dark tulip wreath 10x black tulips Wall-mounted 1600 bells
Fancy lily wreath Fancy lily wreath 3x orange lilies
3x pink lilies
3x yellow lilies
Wall-mounted 1200 bells
Fancy mum wreath Fancy mum wreath 3x pink mums
3x purple mums
3x red mums
Wall-mounted 1200 bells
Fancy rose wreath Fancy rose wreath 3x orange roses
3x pink roses
3x yellow roses
Wall-mounted 1200 bells
Gold rose crown Gold rose crown 6x gold roses Equipment 12000 bells
Gold rose wreath Gold rose wreath 10x gold roses Wall-mounted 20000 bells
Hyacinth crown Hyacinth crown 4x red hyacinths
2x yellow hyacinths
2x white hyacinths
Equipment 640 bells
Hyacinth wreath Hyacinth wreath 3x white hyacinths
3x red hyacinths
3x yellow hyacinths
Wall-mounted 720 bells
Lily crown Lily crown 2x red lilies
2x yellow lilies
2x white lilies
Equipment 480 bells
Lily wreath Lily wreath 3x white lilies
3x red lilies
3x yellow lilies
Wall-mounted 720 bells
Lovely cosmos crown Lovely cosmos crown 4x pink cosmos
3x orange cosmos
Equipment 1120 bells
Mum crown Mum crown 2x red mums
2x yellow mums
2x white mums
Equipment 480 bells
Mum wreath Mum wreath 3x white mums
3x yellow mums
3x red mums
Wall-mounted 720 bells
Natural mum wreath Natural mum wreath 10x green mums Wall-mounted 4800 bells
Pansy crown Pansy crown 2x red pansies
2x yellow pansies
2x white pansies
Equipment 480 bells
Pansy wreath Pansy wreath 3x yellow pansies
3x white pansies
3x red pansies
Wall-mounted 720 bells
Pretty cosmos wreath Pretty cosmos wreath 3x orange cosmos
3x pink cosmos
3x red cosmos
Wall-mounted 1200 bells
Pretty tulip wreath Pretty tulip wreath 3x orange tulips
3x pink tulips
3x purple tulips
Wall-mounted 2400 bells
Purple hyacinth crown Purple hyacinth crown 6x purple hyacinths Equipment 2880 bells
Purple hyacinth wreath Purple hyacinth wreath 10x purple hyacinths Wall-mounted 4800 bells
Purple pansy crown Purple pansy crown 6x purple pansies Equipment 2880 bells
Purple windflower crown Purple windflower crown 6x purple windflowers Equipment 2880 bells
Rose crown Rose crown 2x red roses
2x yellow roses
2x white roses
Equipment 480 bells
Rose wreath Rose wreath 3x red roses
3x white roses
3x yellow roses
Wall-mounted 720 bells
Simple mum crown Simple mum crown 6x green mums Equipment 2880 bells
Snazzy pansy wreath Snazzy pansy wreath 3x orange pansies
3x blue pansies
3x yellow pansies
Wall-mounted 1200 bells
Tulip crown Tulip crown 2x red tulips
2x yellow tulips
1x white tulips
Equipment 400 bells
Tulip wreath Tulip wreath 3x red tulips
3x yellow tulips
3x white tulips
Wall-mounted 720 bells
Windflower crown Windflower crown 2x red windflowers
2x orange windflowers
2x white windflowers
Equipment 480 bells
Windflower wreath Windflower wreath 3x red windflowers
3x white windflowers
3x orange windflowers
Wall-mounted 720 bells

Animal Crossing any DIY Recipes List

Here we list all 52 x Animal Crossing DIY Recipes that can be collected from any villagers, these ACNH DIY Recipes cover total 53 materials to gather for crafting related Animal crossing items.

As you know, we can obtain DIY Recipes with different characteristics from villagers of different personalities. You will have a 95% of chance to get the DIY recipe from any villagers specific to their personality, and a 5% of chance to obtain a DIY recipe from any villager. Then, according to the personality of any villagers, what kind of DIY Recipes can we obtain from the villagers? Here you can find all Animal Crossing any DIY Recipes, which will help you know if you should talk with him every day about a certain item.

Animal Crossing