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Recipe Name Image Materials Needed Size Category Item Sell Price
Acoustic guitar Acoustic guitar 8x softwood
3x iron nugget
Housewares 3210 bells
Basement flooring Basement flooring 10x stone Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1500 bells
Chocolate herringbone wall Chocolate herringbone wall 15x softwood Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1800 bells
Crest doorplate Crest doorplate 4x iron nugget Wall-mounted 3000 bells
Decoy duck Decoy duck 4x softwood Miscellaneous 480 bells
Document stack Document stack 1x scattered papers Miscellaneous 400 bells
Gold armor Gold armor 8x gold nugget Equipment 80000 bells
Gold-armor shoes Gold-armor shoes 4x gold nugget Equipment 40000 bells
Gold helmet Gold helmet 5x gold nugget Equipment 50000 bells
Golden candlestick Golden candlestick 2x gold nugget Miscellaneous 20000 bells
Golden casket Golden casket 8x gold nugget Housewares 80000 bells
Golden flooring Golden flooring 4x gold nugget Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 40000 bells
Golden gears Golden gears 1x gold nugget
3x iron nugget
Wall-mounted 11125 bells
Golden wall Golden wall 4x gold nugget Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 40000 bells
Gold-screen wall Gold-screen wall 2x gold nugget
1x screen wall
Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 20750 bells
Iron wall rack Iron wall rack 3x iron nugget
1x clay
Wall-mounted 2450 bells
Ironwood bed Ironwood bed 20x wood
10x iron nugget
Housewares 9900 bells
Ironwood cart Ironwood cart 6x wood
4x iron nugget
Housewares 3720 bells
Ironwood chair Ironwood chair 3x wood
2x iron nugget
Housewares 1860 bells
Ironwood clock Ironwood clock 2x wood
2x iron nugget
Wall-mounted 1740 bells
Log stakes Log stakes 3x wood Housewares 360 bells
Rose bed Rose bed 10x red roses
5x wood
Housewares 1400 bells
Scattered papers Scattered papers 1x document stack Housewares 400 bells
Steel flooring Steel flooring 7x iron nugget Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 5250 bells
Steel-frame wall Steel-frame wall 8x iron nugget Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 6000 bells
Stone lion-dog Stone lion-dog 24x stone Housewares 3600 bells
Stone wall Stone wall 10x stone Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1500 bells
Straw umbrella hat Straw umbrella hat 10x clump of weeds Equipment 200 bells
Tall lantern Tall lantern 18x stone Housewares 2700 bells
Ukulele Ukulele 5x hardwood Miscellaneous 600 bells
Wooden bucket Wooden bucket 3x wood
1x iron nugget
Housewares 1110 bells
Wooden double bed Wooden double bed 30x wood Housewares 3600 bells
Wooden low table Wooden low table 10x wood Housewares 1200 bells
Wooden-knot wall Wooden-knot wall 15x hardwood Wallpaper, rugs and flooring 1800 bells

Animal Crossing smug DIY Recipes List

Here we list all 34 x Animal Crossing DIY Recipes that can be collected from smug villagers, these ACNH DIY Recipes cover total 11 materials to gather for crafting related Animal crossing items.

As you know, we can obtain DIY Recipes with different characteristics from villagers of different personalities. You will have a 95% of chance to get the DIY recipe from smug villagers specific to their personality, and a 5% of chance to obtain a DIY recipe from any villager. Then, according to the personality of smug villagers, what kind of DIY Recipes can we obtain from the villagers? Here you can find all Animal Crossing smug DIY Recipes, which will help you know if you should talk with him every day about a certain item.

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