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POE 3.20 Teaser Season Preparation - New Keystone And Player Questions Great In POE 3.20

It is time for some Path of Exile discussion patch 3.20 is actually closer than a lot of us have realized, it's only about 10 days until the League start, somewhat of an unusual spoiler season.POE 3.20 Teaser Season Preparation - New Keystone And Player Questions Great In POE 3.20POE 3.20 Teaser Sea...

11/30/2022 7:29:22 PM

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Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha Guide - Finishing Campaign, Running Maps & Atlas Passives

Now put in a lot more hours, done up to tier six Maps, so the second half of the campaign was feeling pretty comfortable, like it's you'd have to pick a build that's fairly strong or a spec that's a fairly strong skill.Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha Guide - Finishing Campaign, Running Maps & Atlas Pas...

11/28/2022 2:41:40 PM

Path of Exile Ruthless

Path of Exile Ruthless Mode: Release Date, Changes, Alpha Sign Up and More

If you want to play a more challenging version of Path of Exile, you’ll get your thoughts realized now. GGG announced a new Ruthless Mode that will launch with the 3.20 expansion. So let’s get into some details about the POE Ruthless Mode, highlighting the release date, changes, alpha sign-up, and m...

11/25/2022 4:09:02 PM

POE 3.19 Best Mayhem Builds - Top 3 Best Mayhem Event Builds In Path Of Exile

Mayhem event is coming to Path of Exile. For Mayhem, you're going to need a strong build. Today, we are going to bring you the top 3 best POE Mayhem event builds 3.19. Remember you don't need crazy Busters, there's no like crazy need to kill Pinnacle bosses for this event. You just really want to ma...

11/7/2022 5:11:29 PM

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POE 3.19 Complete Guide to God-Touched Mobs | New Most OP Scarab Guide

We go over our best God-Touched loot goblin and how you can maximize your earnings, most people have no idea how God-Touched works and do not why their goblin drops them nothing but flasks and maps, there are certain ways to make your God-Touched have as much value as possible when you do find it ou...

9/16/2022 5:16:11 PM

POE 3.19 Best Arc Lightning Build - Path OF Exile Budget League Starter Build Guide

Arc lightning is arguably one of Path of Exile most iconic spells. It provides us with great clearing speed while mapping and good single target damage while bossing. It's also great for carrying you throughout the start of any league with little to no investment. However, people tend to switch bell...

9/14/2022 3:05:56 PM

POE 3.19 Kalandra's Touch & Unique Items

How to Get Kalandra's Touch in POE 3.19 - Path of Exile 3.19 Kalandra League Unique Items

With the launch of the Path of Exile 3.19 patch and Lake of Kalandra expansion, there are lots of additions and changes to uniques in the game. Let’s take a look at the new POE 3.19 unique items and how to get Kalandra's Touch ring in Kalandra League. What Is Kalandra's Touch in Path of Exile and Ho...

9/6/2022 11:28:26 AM

POE 3.19 Arc Lightning Build gem 1

Path of Exile 3.19 Arc Lightning Build - POE 3.19 Best Endgame Build

Arc Lightning is an iconic spell in Path of Exile that provides great clearing speed and single target damage, so it is a great option for making a league starter build with little investment. At the Path of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra League, follow us to get into the best POE 3.19 Arc Lightning Bu...

9/2/2022 5:10:51 PM

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PoE 3.19 Soulrend Sire of Shards Builds in Lake of Kalandra: Equipment, Flasks, Links, Skilltree, Ascendancy, Leveling

Sire of Shards is a unique Serpentine Staff, Soulrend is an active skill gem that casts a spell projectile that turns towards enemies in front of it, damaging and piercing through those it hits, and leeching some of that damage as an energy shield. As the projectile travels, it repeatedly applies sh...

9/2/2022 2:42:07 PM

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PoE 3.19 State of Mapping in Lake of Kalandra | Lake of Kalandra Guide with the State of Mapping

With GGG’s new philosophies, endgame mapping in PoE has been completely flipped on its head, low-investment mapping is now king, putting in maps as fast as possible to increase Divine/Hour, high-investment mapping feels worse than ever with a lot of previous strategies (Conqueroe map 100% deli) resu...

9/1/2022 3:26:58 PM


Path of Exile Weapons Guide - Spell Leveling Weapons Guide for Beginner

Path of Exile Leveling spells having a good time name a more iconic duo in the path of exile, part of the reason that spell leveling is so popular and so successful is a lot of your damage is based off the gem itself and its levels, thus your damage naturally scales as you progress through the act a...

7/27/2022 11:09:20 AM

POE 3.19 Nerfs & Buffs Changes

PoE 3.19 Nerfs & Buffs Predictions | Path of Exile 3.19 Expan Patch Notes & Blance Changes

With the 3.19 patch under the corner, it’s time to focus on new changes and gameplay we will see in the new league! So this guide, let’s make some predictions on the PoE 3.19 nerfs and buffs!PoE 3.19 Release Date & TimelineFinally, we got the official announcement of the 3.18 expansion timeline from...

7/26/2022 1:01:41 PM

PoE 3.18 Blade Vortex Build

PoE 3.18 Blade Vortex Build - Path of Exile Best Mapping Build

Today we’ll go through a POE Blade Vortex build for 3.18 league, it will help a lot for your map clearing in Path of Exile. Check out the build breakdown covering ascendancy, passive tree, gear & items, gems, and jewels. PoE 3.18 Blade Vortex Build - Path of Exile Best Mapping Build  This Blade Vort...

7/12/2022 4:35:21 PM


PoE 3.18 5 Builds You Should Try Before Sentinel League Ends - Duelist Lightning Strike Build, Ranger Flicker Strike Build, and more

Before the sentinel league ends, you should try 5 builds in PoE 3.18. In this guide, we have Duelist lightning strike build, Ranger Flicker Strike build, Templar CoC Ice Spear build, etc. Lightning Strike BuildClass: DuelistAscendancy: ChampionStart Viable: YesMain CharacteristicsAttackElementalMele...

7/12/2022 10:25:23 AM

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Path of Exile Gear Guide - How To Upgrade Your Gear Like a Top Player

Have you ever wondered how the 1% or 0.1% upgrade their POE gear? Have you ever wondered if the biggest secret to being part of the 1% or 0.1% on Path of Exile is to play about 27 hours a day, which takes time, although there are steps you can take to improve your build in ways that may not be obvio...

6/27/2022 5:55:46 PM

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