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Animal Crossing New Horizons How Do You Dream And Visit Dream Island?

How do you dream in ACNH? The latest version of the ACNH update has added a new Dream Island. Some players don't know how to enter the dream island. Here I bring you the Animal Crossing dream address codes and and gameplay skills. Let's take a look.ACNH Dream Address Codes And Skills - Dream Island ...

1/26/2021 5:37:05 PM


ACNH How To Make Bells Through Dream

How to make Animal Crossing Bells in dreams? After the recent update of the dream, players can use this function to make money. Many players don't know how to make money. Here's ACNH Bells making tips in dreams. Come and have a look!ACNH How To Make Bells Through Dream If you want to visit other peo...

1/26/2021 5:09:45 PM

Island In Animal Crossing

How To Choose Your Island In Animal Crossing New Horizons

The main stage of animal crossing is an unmanned island in the ocean. Players will choose one of the four islands as their starting island at the beginning of the game. After going to the island, players will start the construction work in full swing, and recruit more and more animal partners to liv...

1/26/2021 9:08:48 AM

How to Get Iron Nuggets Fast in ACNH?

How to Get Iron Nuggets Fast in ACNH?Iron nuggets are required to craft Animal Crossing tools and unlock Nook's Cranny in New Horizons. Then how to get iron nuggets fast in ACNH?You can farm iron nuggets from rocks. Hit the rocks around your island with a shovel as many times as you can, so that you...

1/25/2021 6:01:13 PM

ACNH Default Hairstyles

How To Unlock New Hairstyles & Hair Colors In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

As you started your adventure on Animal Crossing New Horizons, you chose your avatar's look, but not all of the hairstyles and hair colors on offer were available for free when you started the game. Here we will tell you how to unlock new hairstyles and colors in ACNH.ACNH Default Hairstyles & Hair ...

1/25/2021 5:26:25 PM

animal crossing new horizons change look

How To Change Your Look (Face, Hairstyles, Eyes) In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Want to change your look in Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch? You will actually be able to adjust your face, hairstyles, skin tone, or add face paintings to change your appearance through gaming time in ACNH. How to do this? All the details in this guide.ACNH Player's Look Customizati...

1/25/2021 5:02:59 PM

Star Fragments

The Quantity Rule Of Animal Crossing Star Fragments

According to the introduction of the official strategy book, when making a wish to the meteor shower.The number of fragments that can be obtained depends on the number of times the island owner makes a wish (up to 20) + the number of times the tourists make a wish (up to 100) * 0.2. Therefore, the m...

1/25/2021 9:00:15 AM

ACNH Fishing Tips: How to Catch a Fish?

Preparation for Fishing in Animal Crossing New HorizonsFirst of all, a fishing rod must be prepared for fishing. The DIY material of the fishing rod is five branches. The way to get the branches is to pick them up on the island. If there are no branches, shake the trees and drop them. ACNH DIY recip...

1/23/2021 6:02:16 PM

How To Catch Ants In Animal Crossing New Horizons - Ants Catching Tips

How to catch ants in Animal Crossing New Horizons? How can we catch ants? Goldkk here to bring you the ACNH ant catching methods!Animal Crossing How To Catch AntsPlayers who like to catch insects in Animal Crossing should know that there are some special animals that need to meet certain conditions ...

1/23/2021 5:02:20 PM

Animal Crossing New Horizons Useful Tips - How To Change Your Hairstyles and Face In Animal Crossing

How to change your face and hairstyle in animal crossing new horizons? every player of animal crossing new horizons knows that at any circumstances in the past animal crossing games, you can change your face and hairstyle, and in the new horizons will keep this tradition.Q: Can face and hairstyle be...

1/23/2021 4:55:41 PM

Animal Crossing New Horizons Useful Tips - How To Get On A Plane In Animal Crossing

There are many players in the process of the game who can not avoid going to other places, this is the time we need to use the plane, there are many small partners who do not know how to fly? Now we'd like to bring you the method of flying in the animal crossing new horizons. we hope it can help you...

1/23/2021 4:50:02 PM

animal crossing new horizons building relocate

How To Move Houses & Buildings In Animal Crossing New Horizons | ACNH Relocate Tips

Don’t like the layout you have chosen to place your home and buildings in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Well, by making some progress, you can move some infrastructures and rebuild your building layout on your island! In this guide, we tell how to move the buildings in Animal Crossing New Horizons!1...

1/23/2021 1:22:19 PM

Animal Crossing New Horizons Ladder

How To Get & Use Ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons | ACNH Tips

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the ladder is a very important tool if you want to climb the cliffs and access the upper parts of your desert island. Here's how to get Ladder DIY recipe and make a ladder on this Nintendo Switch game.How To Get Ladder DIY Recipe in ACNH?You have to be at a certain s...

1/23/2021 11:58:57 AM


ACNH Tips And Tricks - How To Get Pumpkin Seeds

How do you get pumpkin seeds in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Some friends may not know how to get pumpkin seeds in the game. Here are the best ACNH tips and tricks to help you fast to get pumpkin seeds in Animal Crossing.Best ACNH Tips - How To Get Pumpkin Seeds In Animal Crossing New HorizonsAll A...

1/23/2021 10:32:25 AM


Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide - How To Get Candies In Halloween

How do you get the Halloween candy in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Some friends may don't know how to get the candy yet at the Halloween event. Here is a guide to get the Halloween candies from Animal Crossing New Horizons. Come and take a look.ACNH Guide - How to Get Halloween Candy from Animal Cr...

1/23/2021 10:22:13 AM

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